Skills Needed for After School Teacher Job and Resume

Updated on: November 2, 2019

The best advice anyone can give to an after-school teacher is to pay special attention to writing her skills on a resume.

Skills define who we are – skills are us. Skills express us on many levels.


They spell out our:

• Creativity
• Human relations
• Public relations
• Research abilities
• Communication
• Management acumen
• Problem-solving capabilities
• Technical prowess

And much more. For a teacher’s position (and that too one who has to work odd hours), what skills we can offer to an employer, matter immensely.

The use of actions verbs to define our skills is still considered a foolproof method of communicating our abilities to a prospective employer.


In a teacher’s role, you can make use of words such as:

Influence Mediate Speak
Encourage Lead Recognize
Counsel Improvise Develop
Communicate Plan Execute
Empathize Motivate Facilitate
Advise Instruct Stimulate

Can you see yourself using these words to describe your skills in a resume? The buzzwords that you use to define yourself and your capabilities to a prospective employer, can do wonders for your employment chances.

Each skill that you mention must be backed up by examples so that your claims are solidly supported.

An after-school teacher’s job is far from easy – she has to handle classes (both academic and extracurricular) after the school is out – and needs to be able to develop and retain students’ interest.

Sample Skills for After School Teacher Resume

• Track record of planning, implementing and operating successful educational programs, aimed at individual student development.

• Functional ability to recognize and address students’ diverse learning styles and develop instructional plans accordingly.

• Adept at enforcing positive encouragement aimed at students’ social, educational, and physical development.

• Able to relate to each student from a cultural perspective, targeted at helping them appreciate classroom diversity.

• Exceptional ability to plan outdoor and indoor activities that encourage individual students’ emotional and social growth.

• Multi-cultural instructional abilities, aimed at teaching students respect for religion, race, and culture.

• Knowledge of team teaching and thematic teaching directives, aimed at assisting students to process their critical thinking skills.

• Qualified to employ interactive exercises to benefit the physical and academic needs of a diverse student base.

• Special talent for handling inter-disciplinary learning directives, along with enforcing developmentally appropriate curriculum.

• Proven record of incorporating balanced literacy program modules in the existing curriculum to meet the varying needs of a diver student body.

• Comprehensive insight into leading IEPs (Individual Education Plan) in sync with peer teaching programs.