New Graduate Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 12, 2021

New Graduate Pharmacist Cover Letters are powerful tools that have the capacity to attract a hiring manager’s focus on the accompanying resume.

Emphasize writing a cover letter that is a memorable storyteller about your past accomplishments. This will lead straight to the path of success in obtaining a job.

Both the opening and closing of your cover letter matter.

There are several ways in which you can open your letter in a great manner. These include writing the opening sentence by:

  1. Dropping names
  2. Connecting to a common experience
  3. Revealing knowledge of the company
  4. Using a narrative hook
  5. Aiming at the alumni of a graduate’s college
  6. Asking a key question
  7. Referring to the contents of a job advert

All of them can work in one way or the other. They all show that the person writing the letter is someone who goes the extra mile to perform outstanding work.

Using these techniques, you can come up with great cover letters even if you are not an experienced candidate. Take a look at the following cover letter sample for a new graduate pharmacist resume:

New Graduate Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample

Lisa Perez
541 Pine Street
Bridgeport, CT 01214
(000) 222-2222
lisa @ email . com

April 21, 2021

Ms. Haley Brown
Hiring Manager
Omnicare Inc.
43 Wheeler Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06606

Dear Ms. Brown:

Since you are one of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in the industry, I am eager to contribute to your success as an entry-level Pharmacist.

As a recent pharmacy science graduate, my passion is unlimited. I offer intelligence, initiative, maturity and reliability. I’d also like to bring the following relevant points to your attention:

  1. Well-versed in dispensing medication by compounding, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals.
  2. Ability to keep records of controlled drugs for both legal and stock control purposes.
  3. Knowledge of advising patients of adverse side-effects of medicines and potential interactions with other treatments.

I am confident that you will be impressed with my grasp of the pharmacy processes, and very pleasantly surprised with my in-depth understanding of customer service and communication skills.

I look forward to a conversation in person and will email you in a few days to set up a meeting time. If you need to contact me in the interim, please feel free to call me at (000) 222-2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lisa Perez

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