Biology Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: June 25, 2022

Resumes for the biology teacher position are nothing if they do not highlight specifically what an applicant did in his past professional life, and how he outperform in the next role.

Here is a great sample resume for you to get ideas from:

Biology Teacher Resume Example

Gloria Pale
832 Saint Anthony Road
Clarkson, KY 40254
(000) 966-5255
glorp @ email . com


Top-performing Biology Teacher with over 7+ years of progressive experience in teaching diverse courses in biological sciences. Exceptional focus on developing curriculum in sync with students’ individual requirements and limitations. 

• Developing and implementing lesson plans aimed at providing students with an advanced comprehension of biological sciences.
• Communicating effectively with students at different technology levels to support advanced educational goals.
• Performing curriculum-based experiments in a lab setting, targeted to assist students in understanding biological procedures.
• Creating projects designed to enhance lectures and make them more interesting.


✓ Curriculum Development✓ Research
✓ Project Support✓ Integration Technologies
✓ Student Evaluation✓ Laboratory Work
✓ Monitoring and Assessment✓ Student Recruitment
✓ Lesson Planning✓ Discussions Moderation
✓ Resources Development✓ Mentorship and Advisory Services

• Integrated biology with both physics and chemistry, coming up with a new subject line for interested students, dubbed “integrated sciences”.
• Developed a series of practical sessions that increased students’ interest in learning about biological concepts.
• Singlehandedly prepared advanced teaching aids using charts and PPT presentations, which increased students’ ability to understand difficult concepts.
• Wrote 5 papers on 5 different topics, all of them being selected for The Science Factor magazine 2017 print.


Biology Teacher
Responsive Education Solutions, Clarkson, KY
2016 – Present
• Determine curriculum development activities in accordance with state rules and regulations
• Develop lesson plans based on a variety of subjects including plant and human biology
• Impart lessons based on each individual student’s level of understanding and provide extra assistance to students with learning limitations
• Administer assignments to assist students in grasping difficult concepts and provide them assistance where required
• Prepare and administer tests and examinations and handle grading and marking activities
• Monitor students during class to ensure that their behavior is at par with established disciplinary standards
• Assist students in handling laboratory experiments and procedures and ensure their safety and wellbeing
• Assess each student’s individual ability to comprehend concepts and provide feedback to parents and guardians

Teacher Assistant
Regional Educational Services, Clarkson, KY
2009 – 2016
• Assisted lead teacher in developing and imparting lessons according to set curriculum
• Provided assistance in researching and developing resources to use as teaching aids in class
• Monitored students to ensure that they behaved according to established behavioral standards, and performed disciplinary actions where required
• Assisted students with class assignments by providing them with direction and support with difficult-to-understand concepts
• Created and maintained student records and attendance logs, ensuring that both were kept updated and stored in a confidential manner

Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences
Kentucky State University, Clarkson, KY – 2009

• Classroom Management Software
• MS Word, Excel, and Outlook