Packaging Machine Operator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: October 31, 2020
Packaging Machine Operator Job Description

The neatly packed boxes and cartons of crisps, juices, tissue paper, and a million other things that we use every day are all courtesy of the high-end packaging machine that does its job well. But the entire credit cannot be given to a machine.

Since a machine cannot operate by itself, there are people hired to do this. Packaging machine operators set up machines, adjust controls, and basically ensure that everything runs smoothly from the time the shift begins to when it ends.

Packaging machine operators do not operate just one machine at a time. They might be responsible for more than one – sometimes an array of them at the same time.

At the beginning of each shift, they ensure that the machine is in proper working order and that sufficient raw material is available to meet the production quota.

Also, they are responsible for performing both preventative and general maintenance on packaging machines, which include cleaning and changing blades, pull-belts, and tape machines.

Sample Job Duties for Packaging Machine Operator Resume

  • Set up and operate packaging machines to display accurate code dates and weights.
  • Check machines to ensure that they are in proper working condition.
  • Adjust machine components according to the size and processing angle of each product.
  • Load items into packaging machines and adjust speed, flow, and temperature.
  • Reset machines in cases of malfunctions and clear jams.
  • Set machines to unload finished/packaged products and ensure that they conform to the set standards.
  • Manipulate machine controls to ensure the minimization of packing material waste.
  • Inspect and remove defective items or those that do not meet packaging standards.
  • Ensure that packaged materials are appropriately stored and further packed in proper boxes.
  • Clean packaging machinery parts and perform both preventative and general maintenance activities.
  • Oil and make minor adjustments to packaging machinery such as opening valves.
  • Stock products such as raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Test and evaluate products and verify product weight to conform to quality standards
  • Attach identification labels to finished items and count them to ensure that they conform to the initial order.
  • Document packaging activities on a daily basis and report machinery faults immediately.
  • Procure and maintain an adequate supply of operating materials and tools for packaging purposes.
Packaging Machine Operator Skills and Abilities

Packaging machine operators must be physically dexterous as they are required to perform many physical tasks, such as lifting and transporting heavy objects.

Since they often have to work in warm work environments, they need to be able to withstand machinery-produced heat.