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Cabin Attendant Resume Sample

Cabin attendants or flight attendants provide ongoing service to passengers during a flight. They are expected to provide safety instructions to passengers and make sure that they feel comfortable throughout their journey. Before a plane is ready to fly, a cabin attendant will make sure that all supplies are replenished and that all equipment is… Read More »

Cabin Crew Resume Sample

A cabin crew is also known as a flight attendant. They primarily work with international airlines with extensive domestic flight service and works with in-flight employees to make sure the safety and comfort of all travelers. In essence, they are expected to provide superior customer service and work as a team player in supporting the… Read More »

Top 2 Cabin Crew Cover Letter Samples

Air cabin crew members are the focal person for passengers on board.  They are responsible for maintaining passengers’ comfort and security and are trained to handle emergencies calmly and professionally. Besides that, they make sure that all emergency handling tools and equipment are in working order.  Their primary duty is to brief safety precautions to… Read More »