Top 16 Cabin Crew Resume Objective Examples

Updated August 29, 2022
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An exceptional level of service on a flight or a cruise ship can be a great motivator for passengers to use the service again.

This is where the role of cabin crew members comes in.

In order to convince the hiring manager that you are an excellent choice for a cabin crew position, you have to write a compelling resume.

Equally important is to ensure that the beginning of your resume, the objective statement, is well-written.

How to Write an Excellent Objective Statement for a Cabin Crew Resume?

In order to craft an attractive cabin crew objective statement, you have to write something that will assure the hiring manager that you will be a valuable addition to their team.

Your resume objective must be short and concise. It should be written in a compelling way that influences the recruiter to read your resume in detail.

What to include in a cabin crew objective statement?

Read the cabin crew job description in detail. Learn about the airline or cruise ship requirements to understand what exactly they are expecting. Also, study the job qualifications and skills posted by the employer in the job advertisement.

After viewing the employer’s requirements, you will be able to craft your objective statement in a better way.

The following are 16 sample objective statements to guide you further.

16 Sample Objectives for Cabin Crew Resume

10 Cabin Crew Objectives With Experience

1. Looking to secure a Cabin Crew position at Atlantis Travels. Bringing a friendly and fun demeanor, and good communication and customer service skills to offer passengers excellent services on board.

2. Seasoned flight attendant seeking a position with Delta Air. Bringing a verifiable track record of maintaining consistent service standards to ensure total passenger satisfaction.

3. Seeking a Cabin Crew position at Mayfair Cruises. Leveraging exceptional passenger service skills to ensure the safety, welfare, and comfort of passengers, following guidelines and protocols.

4. Pleasant, and highly approachable individual, with over 6 years of experience as a Cabin Crew, looking for employment at American Airlines. Bringing exceptional interpersonal and passenger service skills, as well as expertise in handling emergencies to provide top-notch satisfaction to passengers throughout the flight.

5. Highly organized Flight Attendant with a strong desire to work for Emirates Airlines. Bringing a smile and friendly disposition to serve passengers on board to make them safe and comfortable throughout their flights.

6. Dedicated Cabin Crew seeking a position with British Airways. Bringing a successful track record in greeting passengers, helping them with luggage, serving meals, and performing pre-flight checks to ensure passengers’ comfort and safety.

7. Seeking an opportunity to work for Air Canada to make use of my customer service skills to ensure a pleasant journey for all passengers. First aid and CPR Certified. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

8. To secure a Cabin Crew Member position at Jet Air. Leveraging 5+ years of experience in providing high-end customer service to ensure the airline’s success.

9. Accomplished Flight Attendant with extensive experience in providing exceptional passenger service while maintaining safety on board. Eager to work for Emirates Airlines to ensure passengers on board are comfortable at all times.

10. Passionate, fun, and friendly Flight Attendant looking for a position at Jet Blue. Leveraging hands-on experience in greeting passengers, serving meals, handling emergencies as well as performing pre-flight checks to ensure passengers’ satisfaction.

4 Entry Level Cabin Crew Objectives with No Experience

11. Seeking a position as a Cabin Crew with British Airways where I will be able to apply my bilingual skills and customer service-centered attitude to provide passengers with maximum comfort and a marvelous flight experience.

12. To work for Lufthansa Air as a Cabin Crew. Offering excellent customer service skills, and a strong commitment to ensuring passengers’ safety and comfort at all times. Exceptional understanding of providing food service onboard.

13. To obtain a position as a Cabin Crew Member at Air America, utilizing profound hospitality skills, multilingual abilities, and an approachable personality.

14. Looking for a Cabin Crew position with Pan American Airlines where I could employ my skills in cabin operations as well as a friendly demeanor to provide exceptional service to onboard passengers.

2 Objectives for Career Changer Cabin Crew

15. Strong desire to work in a Cabin Crew role for Armand Air. Offers 6+ years’ hands-on waitress experience in serving people from different cultural backgrounds. Poised to provide exceptional in-flight service. Neat appearance and positive attitude.

16. Friendly, positive, and reliable administrative professional, looking for a Cabin Crew position at Kingfisher Airlines. Bringing strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with solid food service ability to provide exceptional services to passengers and ensure repeat business.

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