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Negotiating Salary in Acceptance Letter

Once you receive notification that says that you have been accepted for a position for which you spent a great amount of time and effort, you will need to sign an acceptance letter. The offer letter that you receive along with the acceptance letter, will hold details of your salary and benefits. Signing the acceptance… Read More »

College Acceptance Letter Sample

Working in the admissions office of a college, you will be responsible for a lot of official correspondence. One such type of correspondence is writing college acceptance letters. A college acceptance letter is written in response to the offer of a placement in a college degree program. Many students apply for college courses and the… Read More »

Sample Acceptance Letter after Negotiation

It is true that the word “salary” comes into our minds as soon as the term “negotiation” is mentioned. But salaries are not all that are negotiated during our struggle to bag the job we have always wanted. Some other important elements of negotiation include start dates, bonuses, work schedules, moving expenses, and stock options.… Read More »

Nursing Job Acceptance Letter Sample

For most healthcare settings, acceptance letters are a formality that you have to fulfill once they offer you a nursing job. An acceptance letter is nothing more than a depiction of your decision to join the organization. Writing a nursing acceptance letter will require you to mention that you have formally accepted the position and… Read More »