Sample Acceptance Letter after Negotiation

Updated on September 7, 2019

It is true that the word “salary” comes into our minds as soon as the term “negotiation” is mentioned.

But salaries are not all that are negotiated during our struggle to bag the job we have always wanted. Some other important elements of negotiation include start dates, bonuses, work schedules, moving expenses, and stock options.


Once we have come to terms with all of these – or at least negotiated with the employer enough to know where we stand – it is important to write an acceptance letter for the position we have been offered.

If all the negotiation, as mentioned earlier, has taken place in written, an acceptance letter will not be your first or even second contact with the employer.

This actually gives you an edge as you will already be prepared and know what to expect since you will have communicated with the individual a few times.

If you have accepted a job offer, it is clear that you are happy with the terms presented to you.


Here is a job acceptance letter sample that has been written especially for a candidate who has done his negotiation and is rearing to begin.

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Sample Acceptance Letter after Negotiation



7 Range Road
Edgewood, NM 87026

September 7, 2019

Mr. Harry Timber
Manage Human Resources
Stonehenge Proctors
89 Indiana Plaza Drive
Edgewood, NM 73011


Dear Mr. Timber:

I am writing to confirm my acceptance of the employment offer as a Marketing Director, which you initially made on August 15. I am delighted at the thought of joining Stonehenge Proctors at the beginning of the next month and look forward to meeting with the rest of the marketing team.

After much deliberation and careful consideration, I have concluded that the content of our last correspondence dated September 4, 2019, suits both parties equally well. Here I would like to chart out the terms that we negotiated and agreed upon mutually for the benefit of clear understanding at both my end and yours.

• My salary will be set at an annual payout of $ 155,000
• I am entitled to the 401k retirement plan
• I will be given both medical insurance and disability benefits
• I will be eligible for bonuses based on the overall performance of the marketing department
• Paid annual vacation time stands at 42 days
• Extras such as child education benefits and commuting allowances will be part of my package

I am positive that it will be a great experience working at Stonehenge Proctors owing to the farsightedness that the company has worked with during its 5 year stretch in the marketing business. I feel honored to have been chosen to lead this business, and I anticipate a long and fruitful working relationship.

As per our last correspondence, I will be officially joining on November 1, 2019. Until then, if there is anything that you would like me to do to prepare myself for my new commission, please let me know.

Thank you very much.




William Farrel

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