College Acceptance Letter Sample

Updated April 6, 2022

Working in the admissions office of a college, you will be responsible for a lot of official correspondence.

One such type of correspondence is writing college acceptance letters.

A college acceptance letter is written in response to the offer of a placement in a college degree program.

Many students apply for college courses and the ones that are selected, are notified through college acceptance letters.

How to Write a Professional College Acceptance Letter?

There is no standard format for writing a college acceptance letter.

Every college follows its letter-writing rules.

But the contents of the letter are usually quite similar to each other.

This is what it includes:

  1. Information that the candidate has been selected for the particular college degree or program.
  2. A bit of niceness such as the customary congratulations.
  3. Reference to a college pack that may accompany the letter or instructions on where to pick it up.
  4. Details of when the academic year will begin and other related details.

A college acceptance letter does not have to be too detailed (a student starter pack will take care of the detailing), but if you want to put in information regarding hostel services or specific courses, no rule says you cannot do this.

To guide you get started, here is an example of a college acceptance letter:

College Acceptance Letter Sample

Frank Goyle
Admissions Manager
Louisiana State University
Slidell, LA 71121
(000) 909-8768
frank.goyle @ lsu . edu

April 6, 2022

Mr. Samuel Jackson
122 Ranch Road
Slidell, LA 70461

Dear Mr. Jackson:

Congratulations! It is with immense pleasure that I inform you of your acceptance into the business program (BS-101) at Louisiana State University. This opportunity comes in recognition of your academic and personal achievements, and I am positive that you would be a valued member of our university.

In anticipation of the questions that you may have, I have enclosed a student starter package, which will familiarize you with the campus and the many opportunities and facilities that it offers. Also included is a list of faculty members who will be leading the courses in BS-101, along with the contact information of our administrative staff. If you feel that you need further information than you provided within the student starter pack, please feel free to call the admissions office, and they will do all that they can to make this transition easy for you.

In order to familiarize all new students with the campus and its rules, an orientation day is being organized, an intimation of which will be sent to you within the month. We encourage you to join us on this day.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Louisiana State University, we wish you a successful and enjoyable future.


Frank Goyle

Enc: Student Starter Package

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