Water Distribution Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 3, 2019

The best thing about applying for a job as a water distribution supervisor is when an interview call comes in. Wait!

You are not looking forward to it because it will be a harrowing time?


Of course, it will be a harrowing time unless you prepare for it.

Yes, that is an option!

Before the interview call comes in, you must be prepared to answer all the questions that will be asked during the process.

This is easy if you know your work.



In order to prepare for a water distribution supervisor interview, it is best if you go through the following set:


Water Distribution Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

What duties have you performed in the role of a water distribution supervisor in the past?

While working as a water distribution supervisor, I have handled many tasks, such as planning, coordinating and directing the construction and maintenance of water services, and supervising water distribution systems.

In addition, I have been involved in performing a wide array of meter service duties, as well as handling customers’ issues. Moreover, I have directed and reviewed work plans for assigned maintenance and construction staff and monitored workflow.

What skills do you possess which make you an excellent supervisor?

I possess excellent leadership skills, which make me a great person to hire as a water distribution supervisor. As far as work-related abilities are concerned, I am well-versed in overseeing the installing, repair, and maintenance of hydrants, and transmission and distribution lines.

In addition, I am competent in locating and repairing line leaks, ensuring that downtime is minimized, or better, eradicated.

What is your greatest strength in this role?

My ability to manage situations that are complex so that they don’t affect work processes is my best skill.

And what would be your biggest weakness?

I am a tireless individual when it comes to working. For instance, if I have to fix a leak, I will spend day and night endeavoring to fix it, even when the going gets too tough. However, I am working on setting realistic goals for myself.

What is your most significant achievement so far?

Last month, a main water pipe burst, which provided water supply to the entire city. However, there was no downtime because I immediately rerouted the supply from the backup system. No customer was affected, which is something quite big, considering the enormity of the problem.

What are your future career aspirations?

Eventually, I would like to work in a directorial position, where I have teams of water distribution personnel working under me.

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