Water Distribution Supervisor Resume Sample

Updated on: June 3, 2019

Working as a water distribution supervisor will first require you to write a resume.

Since the resume is usually the longest job application document, it needs to be given considerable thought when writing it.


In this particular instance, your resume should contain the right information regarding your knowledge of overseeing water distribution for clients.

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What follows is an amalgamation of skills, experience, accomplishments, and education information for a water distribution supervisor resume:




Water Distribution Supervisor Resume


Mark Pattinson
90 Rocky Bridge Road, Fort Dodge, IA79274
(000) 754-8965


Competent water distribution supervisor, with 8+ years of solid track record in handling the administration of activities related to water distribution. Well-versed in directing and supervising assigned water distribution systems, within set parameters.

• Implemented a water distribution system, as a result, decreased distribution time by 50%.
• Introduced a series of unique connection methods, hence, increased revenue by 60%.
• Troubleshoot a particularly complex water distribution problem, with zero downtime.
• Trained 50 eater distribution personnel, as part of their induction program.


– Staffing Requirements
– Distribution Oversight
– Goals Development
– Installation and Repair

– Leaks Troubleshooting
– Budget Administration
– Records Maintenance
– Claims Processing

– Connections Management
– Water Sampling
– Staff Training
– Equipment Oversight


Water Distribution Supervisor
City of Fort Dodge, Fort Dodge, IA | 2013-present

• Plan and implement daily water distribution tasks.
• Schedule staff members’ work in order to ensure that they perform their duties on a regular basis.
• Investigate customers’ queries, and ensure that the right information is delivered.
• Provide technical direction to workers in the installation, upgrading, and testing of commercial and residential water meters.
• Supervise water distribution activities, as well as maintenance operations.
• Facilitate customers during reconnection, or for new connections.
• Ensure that water distribution is properly and timely managed.
• Research applications in order to determine priority water connections.
• Create and maintain records of water distribution work processes.

Assistant Water Distribution Supervisor
Rockford Water Supply, Fort Dodge, IA | 2005-2013

• Instructed, assigned, and reviewed water distribution work.
• Performed corrective actions as and when required.
• Responded to public inquiries regarding water problems, and resolved them on a priority basis.
• Maintained standards of water service installation and maintenance.
• Prepared and processed water user claims and applications.
• Created reports regarding water usage for both internal and external purposes.

High School Diploma
Fort Dodge High School, Fort Dodge, IA – 2009

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