Medical Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 18, 2016

Interviews for medical supervisor position can be successful if only you know what you have to say at the time.

It is usually lack of preparation that gets us into hot water during an interview.

Prepare well as far as job-related questions are concerned, dress well at the day of the interview, and show confidence at the time of the interview – you will succeed.

Refer below to a set of likely interview questions and answers for medical supervisor position.


Medical Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you a good choice to work as a medical supervisor in a busy medical facility or unit?
Since I have worked in a similar capacity before, I am aware of the procedures that one has to follow to ensure operational success of a medical facility or unit. As someone who is a perfectionist, the programs and processes that I develop and implement are spot on with the facility’s requirements. My communication skills are excellent, (which is the backbone of this work) and I am highly knowledgeable about the medical world (medical terminology and procedures specifically), which make me an excellent choice to work as a medical supervisor.

In your previous position as a medical supervisor, what have been your specific duties?
As a medical supervisor, I have developed and implemented organizational policies and procedures, conducted and administered fiscal operations, directed and evaluated work activities of medical, nursing, technical, clerical and maintenance staff, and created and maintained communications between governing boards and medical staff.

Do you consider yourself a diligent individual? If yes, tell us of one occasion that proves your dedication.
I am definitely hardworking as has been proven many times. One occasion to prove this was when I joined a new medical facility 8 years ago, and realized that the facility was seriously lacking in emergency equipment, in case of a natural disaster. So my first day at the new job was spent determining what was required to take necessary steps to ensure safety of the facility and its occupants.

As far as staff and patient education is concerned, what has been your contribution?
I am responsible for creating a series of instructional and informational materials to educate staff members and patients in how to handle and obtain services. I make sure that I add additional information to them constantly, to keep everyone updated at all times.

How well do you take criticism?
I am not a sensitive person when it comes to criticism. Even criticism that is not meant to be constructive, I take it as positive feedback.

Why do you think communication skills are important when working as a medical supervisor?
While working as a medical supervisor, one is constantly in touch with people – both internally and externally. If one’s communication skills are not good, ensuring operational and logistic smoothness will be a problem.