Family Advocate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on April 24, 2017

Cover letter writing has never been as cumbersome as it is now. Employers expect way too much and we as mere humans cannot always live up to their expectations. Often, this situation leaves us in a quandary that we do not how to handle. The trick is not to worry too much. Worry only as much that it will help you write a killer cover letter. Do your best, and you can leave the rest to the prospective employer to handle!

Writing a cover letter requires a little effort at your end. Knowing your audience is important. Find out who is going to read your cover letter and then write whatever it is that you have to write accordingly. Making the hiring manager happy should be your mission. And what exactly makes a hiring manager happy? If he or she finds out through your cover letter that you are exactly what he or she needs, you cannot help but make him or her happy! Read the following cover letter sample as an example of a good one:


Family Advocate Cover Letter Sample


635 West Dr
Rapid City, SD 75411

April 23, 2017

Mr. Frank Brown
Human Resource Manager
Pennswood Village
52 Croyle Avenue
Rapid City, SD 59963


Dear Mr. Brown:

7 years of experience in a family advocacy role and an inherent will to help families and children access what is theirs by right, are two main qualifications that I put on the table for your consideration. As a dedicated and driven family advocate, working for Penswood Village will mean contributing all that I have learned and implemented in a place where it matters the most.

With extensive exposure to recruiting children and families, interviewing applicants and maintaining a prioritized listing of eligible individuals anticipating entering established programs, I am sure that my addition to your facility will be deemed a fortune. As a natural collaborator, with excellent skills in focusing on the big picture, as well as all details, I am known in the community for my ability to engage and positively impact individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds. Possessing a sincere appreciation for people, and the ability to create and implement interactive communication programs for them, in a bid to help them access services that they deserve is my forte. Anticipating bringing immediate results once hired at Penswood Village, I offer the enclosed resume for your review and consideration.

I will call you after a week to set up an interview date so that I can more elaborately explain my professional prowess as a family advocate. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Sadie Mountbatten

(000) 452-5698

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