30 Hair Colorist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 9, 2023

Do you love giving makeovers to people? Then the career of hair colorist is a very good choice for you.

Searching job and attending a hair color interview is a big task. We made it easy by giving the following 30 interview questions and answers.

Hair Colorist Interview Questions and Answers

1. How do you ensure that clients are satisfied?
I communicate effectively before, during, and after the treatment and also give them a follow-up call to make sure that they are happy with the results.

2. What do you do to keep your professional knowledge updated?
I actively follow relevant trends on social media and I am affiliated with different hair coloring institutes. I keep attending training and workshops regarding the latest trends in hair coloring.

3. Share an experience when a client was unhappy with your services?
Last year, a client wanted green hair color. I suggested a cut down first but she insisted on coloring the natural hair, the resultant color was not the shade she wanted. She demanded a refund. I gave her 50% off and redid the treatment with a cutdown. She was very happy with the results of the second treatment.

4. Why did you become a hair colorist?
I was always fascinated by hair styling and coloring so I chose this profession.

5. What are your professional strengths?
Strong interpersonal skills, ability to prioritize tasks, and hair coloring expertise.

6. Tell us about your biggest accomplishment?
During my last job, I developed a permanent hair coloring technique using natural products that cause minimal hair damage. The technique was a big hit and is still being used at the salon.

7. Are you available to work on weekends and holidays?
I understand that there is more booking on such days and as a committed professional I make sure I’m available to work on weekends and holidays.

8. What is your favorite brand of hair color? Why?
I don’t have a specific favorite however according to the treatment needed; I prefer L’Oreal for simple coloring as it is the least damaging one due to the low content of ammonia and KeuneTintafor styled coloring due to their vast range of fashion shades.

9. How do you determine how much color developer you need to add?
I consider the base color, hair quality, desired shade, and brand instructions to determine the exact color developer ratio for mixing.

10. Which hair coloring techniques are you familiar with?
I am well-versed in Balayage, root touching, streaking, highlighting, and grey coverage.

11. What do you keep in mind while recommending a hair coloring treatment?
The client’s preferences, hair quality, skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.

12. What do you consider while scheduling a hair color appointment?
I consider the steps in treatment and the estimated time needed to carry them out. I split the treatment into 2-3 sessions to ensure that the client does not get tired of long sittings.

13. Do you have any experience in selling cosmetic products?
Yes, I also got an employee of the year award because I upsold the salon’s products by 30% in six months.

14. Share an experience when you disagreed with a coworker? How did you resolve the issue?
A client came in with damaged hair. I thought that keratin was not the best option for her and we should go with smart bond but my colleague disagreed. After a detailed discussion and some advice from our senior hair stylist, we reached a protein enrichment-based plan of treatment.

15. Do you think a hair colorist needs communication skills?
Yes. It is very important to understand what the client wants and then to make them understand the side effects and prerequisites for their desired results.

16. If a customer has not visited for long, what will you do to bring them back?
I usually schedule the next appointment upon exit. But if a client doesn’t show up for long I make follow-up calls and share any concessions and promotional offers they might be interested in. This helps a lot in client retention.

17. What is the latest hair coloring technique you have learned?
My latest training was in the Balayage hair coloring technique also known as the dipping technique.

18. How do you keep your workplace organized and neat?
I clean up after each sitting and also during the session during the wait time. I minimize the mess by arranging all products and equipment needed in an approachable manner and making sure everything is labeled accurately.

19. What are the different hair textures?
Wavy, curly, straight, frizzy, etc.

20. If the client has not washed their hair is it ok to apply hair color?
No. it is mandatory to wash hair prior to color application to get maximum results.

21. What can be done to attract more clientele?
We can introduce new techniques, improve our presence of brad on social media, acquire digital marketing services, and offer promotional deals and concession prices.

22. What is the most important aspect of hair coloring?
The most important aspect is to come up with a plan after a detailed discussion with the client. The rest is just implementation.

23. Explain the steps you will follow for permanent hair coloring?
Hair wash, base coloring, strand selection, cut down of natural color, fashion color application and gloss coat.

24. How long after initial coloring is root touching needed?
It depends on the speed of hair growth, usually, we schedule root touching 8-10 weeks after the full treatment.

25. What is a base coat?
If a client needs streaks or highlights and has a specific desired look in mind, we need to change the base color first, that is called base coating.

26. How do you handle a client who wants hair-damaging treatment frequently?
I educate such clients and offer less damaging alternatives to achieve similar results.

27. How do you handle a heavy workload?
I prioritize my tasks and carry them out in an organized manner. I utilize the waiting time after the color application of one client in applying color on the second one on heavy workload days.

28. Do you have any experience in performing haircuts?
I am trained in basic hair cutting as these are often needed after hair color treatments to complete the desired look.

29. How would you convince a client to adopt a new hairstyle?
I suggest different innovative looks off and on to regular clients based on their style and fashion preferences. They usually look forward to such ideas and respond positively.

30. What is the difference between highlights and streaks?
Highlights are very few and applied with help of foil while streaks are thinner and scattered across the whole head. Streaks are applied using a streaking cap instead of foil wrap.

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