High School Student Career Objective Examples

Updated on: March 24, 2019

As a high school student, your first job will be quite important to you.

When you are embarking on this journey, you have to make sure that your resume speaks volumes for you.

Since the career objective will be the first thing that a hiring manager will read when he or she picks up your resume, it is essential to make it big.

Working at a position when you are a recent high school graduate is not easy.

But you have to show it in your career objective that nothing is complicated for you. Your career objective should highlight what your skills are in a specific area that you want to apply.

If you have held an internship or an apprenticeship before, you must have developed some skills. Talk about them in your career objective.

Most importantly, it is imperative to highlight what makes you an excellent person to hire for the specific position that you are applying for, instead of generalizing your career objective.

Here are some career objective examples for a high school student resume:

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High School Student Career Objective Examples

• Highly energetic high school student with an inherent interest in working in a sales capacity. Exceptionally well-versed in handling customers’ requests. Eager to learn the specifics of sales and marketing, in order to provide further benefit in a sales capacity.

• Ambitious high school student with exposure to working in a bank in an internship capacity. Demonstrated ability to handle clients’ accounts, and provide them with assistance in areas such as personal and online banking.

• High school student, boasting a high interest in working in a marketing role. Familiar with reaching out to customers and determining their needs. Skilled in setting up visual merchandising displays, and handling promotional materials.

• Resourceful high school graduate with an exceptional interest in writing content for different avenues such as blogs, websites, and articles. Excellent ability to research facts, and place them in appropriate formations. Competent in proofreading and editing content, and determining plagiarism.

• Industrious and well-organized high school student with inherent ability to multitask. Special interest inproviding assistance with kitchen cleanliness and maintenance, as well as food preparation services.

• High school graduate, with exceptional knowledge of and interest in administrative and clerical work. Effectively able to create and maintain filing and record keeping systems. Well-versed in handling PABX systems in order to take and transfer calls to recipients.

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