High School Student Cover Letter Example

Updated on: March 19, 2018

Students, after finishing their high school, find it quite a daunting task to apply for their first job.

Lack of confidence and limited experience makes it difficult for them to understand what they need to write a cover letter and a resume.

Since it is an established fact that cover letters are more likely to get a candidate to the interview than a resume since it gets read first, let us have a look at what a high school student will write in a cover letter for his or her first job.

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High School Student Cover Letter Sample


7624 Houston Street
Ozark, AL 82765

March 19, 2018

Mr. Laurel Hardy
Manager HR
Acme Inc.
827 Addison Drive
Ozark, AL 25243


Dear Mr. Hardy:

This letter and the attached resume is with reference to the employment opportunity as an Office Assistant that you have listed on your website. As an enthusiastic individual with keen organizational skills and a profound ability to multitask, I am positive in my ability to put in something extra to your bottom line.

I have recently acquired my high school diploma from the Alliance High School; I find myself lucky to have come across this open position and have the following strengths to contribute to the ongoing success of your organization:

• Self-starter, proactive individual
• Highly disciplined
• Able to perform basic secretarial tasks and eager to learn new functions
• Typing speed: 50 wpm
• Good understanding of customer service
• Exceptional knowledge of inventory and stocking procedures

I like taking new challenges as this is what makes me flawlessly perform work. As I am a committed individual with excellent mathematical skills, I need very less direction during working.

I’d appreciate you taking out the time to consider my application and credentials. I will call your office during the week of January 15 to inquire about the status of my application and will be available at (029) 900-9999 if you need to contact me.



Barry Hartworth

Enc. Resume