Reading Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: July 5, 2016


The style and format of reading specialist resume has been changed much over the decades. Some years ago, it was very simple document the only function of which was to communicate a candidate’s skills and qualifications to a prospective employer. Now it’s become a treasure box of information that tells prospective employers regarding the potential and spark of a candidate.

Following is the best example of a reading specialist resume.


Reading Specialist Resume Sample


Lee Parker

Rockbridge Street ● Bluefield, WV 24708 ● (000) 125-8545 ● leeparker @email .com


Performance Summary: Results-oriented and dedicated Reading Specialist with 12-plus-year verifiable track record of acting as a literacy and reading coach for students face reading difficulties. Highly enthusiastic individual with great love for books and information, focused on providing coordinated care to students based on their individual requirements. A strong communicator who effectively deals with students, staff and parents.


– Students screening – Reading programs organization
– Individual and group instruction – Literature Identification
– Instructional Planning – Parents’ Workshop Delivery
– Concept-based Instruction – Student Diagnosis
– Literacy Program Development – Instructional Methodologies
– Content Standards and Objectives – Team Teaching

• Incorporated Bookflix into the regular teaching program, resulting in 150 out pf 175 students taking increased interest in reading
• Developed a foolproof method of determining students’ reading limitations, which aided in selecting them for designated reading programs
• Implemented a series of remediation plans for students with comprehension test results identified as basic
• Introduced a periodic evaluation method that proved to be 50% more accurate in conducting assessments to evaluate students’ reading progress


Reading Specialist
Platte River Academy, Bluefield, WV | 11/2012 – Present

• Confer with lead teachers to determine the class’s overall reading performance and limitations
• Screen students to determine their specific reading levels and decide which level they need to be trained on
• Provide diagnostic and evaluative services for identified students and create plans to meet students’ specific reading needs
• Create and implement reading programs for student groups and individual students based on their requirements
• Encourage students to take part in book readings and coordinate book reading activities with local or school libraries

Reading Specialist
St Louis School, Bluefield, WV | 7/2005 – 11/2012

• Provided students with information and assistance in discovering online resources such as electronic books
• Incorporated reading programs into regular instruction by creating and maintaining liaison with class teachers
• Evaluated each student requiring reading remedial classes and compare him or her with set benchmarks
• Assisted students in determining their own limitations
• Provided students with clear and compassionate support to help them meet their reading goals

Reading Teacher
Learning Solutions, Bluefield, WV | 2/2000 – 7/2005

• Created and implemented reading curriculum for students, based on their specific requirements
• Made lesson plans according to reading curriculum and ensured that each lesson was engaging for all students
• Determined teaching materials such as books and resources and ensured that they were acquired from the right source
• Assisted students with reading by providing them with help with difficult to understand words and sentences
• Evaluated students to determine their levels of reading and assisted students with problems by providing them extra coaching

Master’s Degree in Education
West Virginia State University, Bluefield, WV – 1999