Reading Specialist Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 5, 2016

Did you know that reading is a skill too? Or have you been taking that for granted? If you have been taking it for granted, you will be surprised to know that a major part of the world can unfortunately not read. Reading makes a huge part of the world literacy rate and cannot be done without.

As you write your resume, you may want to highlight that you can read but for most positions, that will be a waste, as employers take it for granted that you can read. However, this skill will be appreciated in one specific case, and that is when you are applying for a job as a reading specialist! To be perfectly candid, you will need to be much more than a reader to work at this position. Everything from being able to read and understand different types of content to handling students effectively, will be important.

The section termed skills in a resume is considered important because it helps employers decide how well you will fit into their organization, and do what they will ask you to do. Your abilities to perform a certain task or a multitude of them is what employers are looking for. And it is up to you to tell them. Here is a list of skills that you can use on a resume when applying for a reading specialist position:

Sample Skills for Reading Specialist Resume

• Highly experienced in determining students’ reading level placement standards by efficiently screening them on an individual basis
• Exceptionally well-versed in providing diagnostic and evaluative services for identified students
• Hands-on experience in developing, leading and evaluating school reading programs from preschool to high school levels
• Focused on providing professional development for teachers by supporting them in various instructional programs
• Effectively able to provide essential leadership to the school’s literacy program by helping create and supervise long-term staff development processes
• Competent in creating and implementing core reading programs for students based on their specific requirements and keeping age-appropriateness in mind
• Proficient in creating and acquiring reading materials, specifically online resources such as e-books
• Adept at conducting classroom visitations and providing feedback to teachers and administrators regarding the school’s literacy program
• Especially talented in assessing students using a huge array of measures to determine appropriate placement and individual instructional needs
• Able to develop and implement remediation plans for students with test results termed as “basic” or “minimal”
• Demonstrated expertise in providing demonstrations of new methods and materials include team teaching directives