Production Control Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 14, 2020

Job Description

A production control specialist is responsible for the overall analysis, planning, and management of production control activities.

Their main work is to improve the runtime and ensure that production deadlines are met. Working as a production control specialist will require you to effectively develop processes for inventory, manufacturing, and production.

To work as a production control specialist, you have to possess a degree in manufacturing engineering or business administration. Previous experience in production capacity will go a long way in making you an excellent person to hire at this position.

In addition to this, you need to be exceptionally talented in managing materials to and from production areas. Also, you should be able to support the production process by effectively mentoring and leading production personnel to do their best.

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Other skills to work as a production control specialist include knowledge of pulling and stocking production kits and managing line supplies.

Job Duties for Production Control Specialist Resume

• Evaluate and coordinate program requirements in order to ensure a controlled flow of materials and resources.
• Create schedules for each production team and ensure that they follow it properly.
• Coordinate and maintain schedules to ensure timely delivery of each project.
• Clearly communicate job statuses for each job.
• Plan and communicate initial staging of materials to all production areas.
• Identify issues and constraints in specific production areas and ensure that they are properly resolved.
• Review, plan, prepare, and control production schedules and changes.
• Coordinate and evaluate program requirements so as to ensure controlled materials flow.
• Direct work in progress, and ensure delivery of excellent production services.
• Implement and sustain solutions to complex issues and problems pertaining to production control.
• Provide technical resources to operations staff members.
• Plan and monitor material movement in production cycles.
• Analyze customer orders and establish production schedules for a timely delivery.
• Review change orders and ensure that they are executed properly.
• Negotiate job orders with clients based on equipment capacity and material availability.
• Communicate client suggestions to the production manager and acquire feedback.
• Act as a point of contact for all queries, problems, and issues for customers and staff members.
• Manage master planning and materials processes and prepare and update production schedules as needed.
• Optimize inventories, and ensure that process improvements are managed properly.
• Lead analytic and design activities, by using new and proven technologies.
• Ensure operational alignment with production plans, and key product initiatives.

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