Manufacturing Production Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: August 7, 2017

The reason that many employers depend solely on resumes to make important hiring decisions is because resumes have a lot to offer in terms of professional information.

When you write a Manufacturing Production Manager resume, make sure that the information is compelling and relevant.


Sample below to help you along:




Manufacturing Production Manager Resume Example



Gabriel Mason

780 E 65th Street, New York, NY 49027
(000) 201-5624
gabriel.mason @ email . com


Performance Profile
Top-performing and results-oriented Manufacturing Production Manager with over 6 years of experience in achieving department performance that supports the company’s short and long-term production goals. Special talent for planning, goal-setting, staff development and handling oversight for a multitude of manufacturing and production processes.

Active and organized with the ability to develop production schedules and closely monitor production targets in regards to instructions. Coordinates quality control objectives and activities to resolve production problems.

Professional Skills

✓ Vendor Relations ✓ Production Schedules ✓ Design Standards
✓ Sampling Procedures ✓ Operational Sequences ✓ Operations Improvements
✓ Deliverables Scheduling ✓ Workflow Regulation ✓ Production Expediting
✓ Component Direction ✓ Change Recommendation ✓ Cost Reduction



Manufacturing Production Manager
Power Magnetics, New York, NY | 11/2014 – Present
• Plan, organize and implement production schedules according to the specifics provided by clients.
• Assess project and resource requirements and ensure that they are obtained in a timely manner.
• Create estimates for required resources, ensuring that they remain within allocated budgets.
• Provide staff members with insight and training regarding production work, and oversee their activities.
Selected Accomplishments
• Reduced the cost of raw materials $50000 per year by bringing onboard a less expensive but quality supplier.
• Implemented a novel production schedule, which automatically made arrangements during low staff instances.
• Improved production operations by implementing a series of checks and balances along each production series.

Manufacturing Production Manager
ATC Co., New York, NY | 6/2010 – 11/2014
• Selected, ordered and purchased materials from suppliers, ensuring that all quality and quantity standards were met.
• Ascertained that appropriate and timely repair and maintenance was performed on production equipment and machines.
• Monitored all production schedules and adjusted them if timelines needed to be tweaked to meet deadlines.
• Implemented quality control procedures and metrics, and ensured that they were properly followed.
Selected Accomplishments
• Revamped the sampling procedure, making it 60% more reliable by suggesting improvements to the process.
• Reviewed production schedules, engineering specifications, and order information to ensure that manufacturing methods were well-placed.
• Estimating production costs and effect of product design reducing overall expenses by $3000 per month.

Production Worker
NIBCO, New York, NY | 2/2007 – 5/2010
• Prepared production machineries and equipment for each assigned production.
• Fed raw materials into production machineries and ensured that appropriate processes were followed.
• Checked each process cycle to ascertain that it was working according to specified instructions.
• Handled problems such as jams and bottlenecks by employing analytical abilities, resolving issues on immediate basis.
• Ascertained that the end product was in accordance with provided instruction parameters.

New York State University, New York, NY | 2006
Bachelor of Business Administration