Production Assistant Job Description and Duties

Updated on: October 2, 2019
Position Overview

Production assistants help with many aspects of film or television production.

Their main role is to work in support of the crew, aiming to handle crucial tasks such as organizing sets and controlling the crowd.


Education and Experience

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a production assistant. A degree in television production, film, or communications, that would be a plus.

Some experience in the relevant field is desirable.

Skills and Abilities

A production assistant’s work is hard. Being on your feet is all in a day’s work. Hiring managers require good listening and communication skills too.

A responsible personality, along with the eagerness to learn will go a long way in making you a good candidate for this position.


Production assistants are usually hired at the entry-level, but that does not mean that more experienced positions are not available.

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Production Assistant Job Description and Duties

• Assist in the creating and distribution of schedules to crew members

• Coordinate between departments and review staffing tables

• Facilitate production efficiency through order reviews and resource allocation

• Prioritize, plan, and schedule production activities

• Identify production issues by analyzing root causes

• Handle inventory management work and report issues

• Maintain non-financial records for the production department

• Review and check promotional spots prior to shooting

• Work with operations managers to load materials for editing sessions

• Create files and other requested materials for clients and vendors

• Develop compilation reels for team meetings

• Handle prompting for live shows and assist in turning over sets

• Set up and maintain studios

• Take and record notes during creative meetings

• Support in the preparation and use of production materials

• File, label, and arrange correspondence, invoices, and recorded media

• Organize production units’ files and records

• Perform crowd control tasks in order to ensure security

• Execute administrative work such as distributing messages and items within the crew and cast

• Respond to queries over the telephone and in-person

• Transport people and equipment between scenes and production sites

• Help staff with on-set catering services

• Ensure all crew and cast members receive scheduled rests

• Gather and record production data during every shift and create detailed reports

• Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of production and post-production areas

• Communicate with third parties such as vendors, suppliers, and technical experts

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