Maintenance Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: January 22, 2016

And the debate begins once again – send just an updated resume to a prospective employer or one that is especially created in answer to a said advertisement? While many wouldn’t want to go through the rigmarole of writing a resume from scratch, that is probably the best thing to do. If you send a rehashed resume, you might risk not getting the job because hiring managers are great at figuring it out.

Okay, so what you have to do is to recreate your maintenance specialist resume by making sure it conforms to the job description provided by the employer. And your resume should look something like this:


Maintenance Specialist Resume Sample


Matt Cooper

9852 SW 64th Street ● Miami, FL 02100 ● (000) 999-0202 ● matcooper @ email . com


Performance Summary: Competent maintenance specialist with 5 years’ experience in handling maintenance and repair work in residential and commercial buildings. Effectively able to troubleshoot problems with complex systems and provide sustainable solutions.


• Hands-on experience in preventative maintenance on building systems, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.
• Unmatched ability to maintain induction and air handling units along with cleaning and inspecting equipment and refrigeration systems
• Proven ability to coordinate maintenance of pool water sanitation and other related pool environment equipment
• Deep insight into identifying repairs and ensuring compliance with facility maintenance standards


Preventative Maintenance HVAC Insight Computerized Control Systems
Materials Procurement Equipment Maintenance Safety Procedures
Facility Inspection Power Tools Operation Needs Identification
Emergency Cleaning Predictive Maintenance Alarm Systems Management


AECOM, Miami, FL (6/2013 to Present)
Maintenance Specialist

• Assess maintenance needs of the facility and its systems and develop plans to meet them
• Troubleshoot problems such as system failures and inefficiencies and ensure that they are attended to
• Repair complex systems and equipment by following dedicated steps repair and replacement steps
• Handle repairs on electrical systems such as pumps, breakers and motors
• Identify need for repairs and ensure that sufficient materials and equipment are made available
• Make adjustments to systems for lighting and energy management
• Perform preventative maintenance on HVAC systems to ensure minimum breakdowns
• Create estimates and provide cost information to clients
• Perform street and sidewalk maintenance such as installing driveway pipes and patching asphalts

Key Accomplishments
• Implemented a power gauge which sounded alarms at the slightest need for repair of HVAC systems
• Created a step by step guide of handling facility inspection, making it easier to not overlook minor maintenance issues
• Introduced the concepts of predictive and preventative maintenance which reduced breakdowns by 50%
• Wrote a workers’ handbook on safety procedures to follow during maintenance and repair procedures

SEARS, Miami, FL (1/2011 to 5/2013)
Maintenance Worker

• Cleared debris and hazardous materials from work areas and ensure that they are made ready for construction or repair
• Assessed the need for repair and maintenance on HVAC and electrical systems and ensured that a proper plan of action was followed
• Assisted in performing general and preventative maintenance on building structures and systems
• Performed maintenance on tools and equipment used for maintenance purposes
• Ascertained that supplies and equipment inventory is kept updated

High School Diploma