Food Safety Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated May 17, 2017

Making friends with a hiring manager who is reluctant to open up to you is difficult. It is not the fault of the hiring manager – he or she has a job to do and that is to hire the best person out there for a job. Making friends with candidates is not high on his or her priority list. But since it is important for you to reach him or her at a deep level, you have to keep making an effort. How do you do this? Through a cover letter, of course!

Cover letters can be great saviors. How else will you communicate your thoughts, abilities and competencies to a hiring manager? You cannot. Write a cover letter that boasts of your ability to fit into the organization owing to your professional and personal prowess, and you can be sure that you will receive an interview call soon.

Refer to the following cover letter sample for a food safety manager position for ideas:


Food Safety Manager Cover Letter Sample


547 Rich Dr
Franklin, NH 84775

May 17, 2017

Ms. Sandra Copen
Human Resource Manager
Smithfield Foods Inc.
8 Chestnut Avenue
Franklin, NH 03241


Dear Ms. Copen:

Food safety, whether in an organization that serves directly to customers, or one that works at the backend to provide food services, is of utmost importance to me. As an individual who has spent a great amount of time and effort in providing proactive leadership and instruction in the area of food safety with several different types of organizations, I am positive that I am your best bet to hire as a food safety manager at Smithfield Foods Inc.

During the last 10 years, I have been diligently overseeing the implementation of the requirements, policies, procedures, programs and training components of a food safety system within a large conglomerate. This experience has instilled in me the ability to execute all food safety-related strategies in a manner that process improvement opportunities are taken into account. Coined as the “catalyst” for leading continuous improvement through technology and scientific research, I am the “go to” person for my present place of employment’s members, who look up to me to provide them with heads up in both food safety and quality assurance. Deep insight into visually inspecting cleanliness of equipment used in food preparation, and demonstrated ability to handle sampling activities and sanitation performance tracking makes me an excellent person to hire at your organization.

I will contact Mr. Hannibal Peterson (HR Manager at Smithfield Foods Inc.) to determine if you have an empty time slot that you can dedicate to interviewing me next week. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 654-8452 for any further information.




Trisha Fallon

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