Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Resume

Updated on: March 29, 2018


As you go through the many different ways of Occupational Health and Safety Specialist resume writing, make sure you pick up the format that suits your specific situation the best.

If you are a fresh graduate, applying for a first job, make sure your academic achievements and details are put foremost.

If you have had considerable experience, then place your experiences, qualifications and job-related achievements forward.

Whatever makes you come across as a good candidate should be mentioned first. Think “priorities”.

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Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Resume Example



Norman Black

231 Morgan Road ● Binghamton, NY 13902 ● (000) 952-9999 ● [Email]


Experienced occupational health and safety specialist with 20 years’ experience in effectively planning, implementing and assessing occupational health and safety programs, in a bid to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for clients.

• Track record of evaluating, interpreting and advising on the impact of emerging issues, regulations and legislation to company operations.
• Special talent for providing selection advice on existing and emergent risk management control strategies
• Demonstrated expertise in designing cognitive aids, including procedural storyboards and decision support systems
• Effectively able to use strong communication skills to deliver safety information to staff and management


• Remediation Planning • Risk Management • Electrical Safety
• Fall Protection • Hazardous Energy Control • Fire Life Safety
• Technical Site Inspections • Hazard Mitigation • Safety Training
• Environmental Health • Compliance Auditing • Policy Development

Key Achievements
• Raised the alarm for a highly toxic, inaudible whiff of chemicals within a factory setting, before it could harm factory workers.
• Developed and implemented the first-ever occupational health and safety practices within the company, reducing job-related risk by 85%.
• Implemented a series of monitoring procedures which sounded alarms when the indoor quality of air was compromised due to chemical exposure.
• Implemented injury prevention initiatives, reducing physical injuries on the plant by a staggering 93%.


Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
COLUMBUS TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES, Binghamton, NY (6/2002 to Present)
• Assess existing health and safety programs and tweak them to meet the dynamic needs of the company
• Plan and implement new or advanced health and safety programs to maintain steadily safe environments
• Develop and provide training and instructions to employees and the management to ensure that they are abreast of safety hazards
• Evaluate and advise on the impact of both emergent and existing issues and suggest control methods
• Conduct audits and inspections to determine the extent of risks and put in place risk prevention and mitigation processes
• Perform safety related incident investigation to determine cause and effect and develop corrective measures
• Oversee health and safety programs to assure compliance with the company’s procedures and protocols
• Promote and lead behavioral based safety practices to strengthen company safety culture

Occupational Health and Safety Officer
SEDONA COMPASS, Binghamton, NY (1/1995 to 6/2002)
• Inspected workplace area and equipment to determine possible hazardous situations
• Ascertained the workplaces conformed to organizational procedures and safety standards
• Trained personnel to make good use of protective equipment such as hearing protection, dust masks, safety glasses and safety helmets
• Oversaw the storage of dangerous materials such as chemicals
• Identified and test workplaces for potential accident and health hazards such as toxic fumes and gas-air mixtures
• Took corrective actions to ensure eradication of hazardous materials in the air

Associate’s Degree in Occupational Health