30 Retention Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 15, 2022

Retention specialists are responsible for planning and executing various strategies to increase customer loyalty and retain customers.

It’s a good idea to go through some sample interview questions and answers before appearing in an interview for a Retention Specialist job.

30 Retention Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are your strengths as a retention specialist?

Well, negotiation skills, persuasive ability, and claim analysis are my key strengths as a retention specialist.

2. Why should we hire you?

I qualify for the job and my qualifications and experiences meet your requirements. My skills can help your firm in massive client retention.

3. How do you go about the process of claim/refund?

I listen to the customer, assess the validity of the claim, and complete relevant documentation and after careful analysis, I go with the best solution.

4. Tell me a time you had to think strategically?

Once our competitors offered similar packages at very low cost. I convinced my manager to offer competitive rates and upgrade the marketing strategies to meet the competition.

5. How do you handle undeserved criticism from customers?

I listen calmly and empathetically, without taking the criticism personally while trying to identify the pain point that is causing the client to be so critical.

6. What do you do if you are trying to solve a problem but your technique is criticized by your team?

If I’m confident in my technique then I don’t let criticism affect my work, but I do listen to their opinion with an open mind.

7. How do you prioritize your tasks and manage your workload?

I categorize all complaints according to their importance and sensitivity.

8. Why did you choose this profession?

I’m a people person and I’m good at persuading people, keeping this natural ability in mind I opted for this profession.

9. In your opinion, why do customers switch brands?

There can be many reasons for brand switching most common are quality, affordability, designs, popularity, novelty, and service quality.

10. What’s the most effective strategy to retain a customer who got poor service?

A humble apology and compensation for the loss of time/money are the most effective strategies to retain a customer who has had poor service.

11. How can you bring more customers?

I maintain good PR with potential customers and make calls and upsell offered products and services.

12. Share a time when you successfully retained a client?

At my previous workplace, a corporate client was dissatisfied and had requested account closure. I studied the problem, offered good compensation, and apologized on behalf of the service team.

13. What are the main challenges of this job?

The main challenges include handling agitated clients and prompt problem-solving.

14. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself working with your firm and generating revenue for you by retaining clients and upselling services.

15. How do you handle an under-performing employee working under you?

I handle underperformers by counseling, training, and providing motivation.

16. What main areas of brands need improvement to ensure customer retention?

It depends on the industry but mostly the areas of improvement are competitive pricing, service quality, and effective product marketing.

17. How do you rate your communication skills?

I would say 10/10. I’m very good at verbal and written communication which helps me a lot in this profession.

18. How do you feel about working in a team?

I’m a good team worker; I find it enjoyable to interact with people.

19. What job-related software are you familiar with?

I am well versed with Hub spot, CRM, Zen desk, and SAP

20. Share your experience in giving product and service information on the phone?

I started my career with a call center so that’s a field I’m an expert in. I have been upselling products and services on phone for more than 3 years, always exceeding the sales target.

21. Have you ever missed a deadline? How did you handle it?

I missed a deadline 3 months back. I sensed that I was not going to be able to make it so I talked to the client and the management beforehand and bought some time. So the problem was resolved before it occurred.

22. How do you keep learning as a retention specialist?

In addition to professional development opportunities and workshops, I analyze each case to learn from it.

23. What do you know about our firm?

You are one of the leading internet and mobile service providers in the country.

24. How do you keep abreast with general trends in the industry?

I follow the latest trends and market research to keep abreast of the market practices.

25. What impact did you make on your team during your last job?

I always maintained a healthy work atmosphere, listened to employees’ problems, and offered advice if needed.

26. How would you adapt to a new job?

A new job is always a challenge. I’m a flexible worker. I’d take some days to study the culture and then adapt accordingly.

27. Have you ever had to make a difficult decision?

The management changed last year and they wanted me to downsize the department. It was a difficult decision but I chose purely on merit and was able to shortlist the employees.

28. Share an experience where you applied technology for analysis and how it benefited your employer?

I introduced Google marketplace analytics last year and the company was able to enhance the clientele because of the analysis reports.

29. How do you handle a client who is putting in a fake claim?

Once I’m sure the claim request is fake, I collect all the facts and then confront the client.

30. Can you tell us about an occasion when you handled a big change at your workplace?

Last year, our management changed. There was massive downsizing and some policy changes. I adapted, understood what the new people wanted me to do, and settled in very well within a week’s time.

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