Special Education Teacher Resume: Sample and Template

Updated on: February 8, 2020

A well-written resume for special education teacher position has the capacity to open the doors of highly paid jobs.  

Choose the format and template of your Special Education Teacher resume wisely. The simpler, the better. See the example below to get ideas.


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Special Education Teacher Resume Sample



Maria Wright
70 Greenlee Road, Mansfield, OH 00898
(000) 999-2121
maria.wright @ email . com


Record of implementing classroom programs that met the educational, social and vocational needs of students with special needs.

Passionate Special Education Teacher with 11+ years’ verifiable track record of creating and implementing a predominantly designed curriculum for students with special needs. Highly effective in assisting students with specific learning disabilities, speech or language impairments by providing intensive, individualized instruction.

• A proactive approach to implement special education strategies and techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory and perceptual skills.
• Documented success in instructing students using a variety of techniques such as phonetics and multi-sensory learning to meet students’ varying needs.
• Proven track record of planning and conducting activities for a balanced program of instruction to allow students to observe and question.
• Well-versed in teaching socially acceptable behavior by employing techniques in an overall positive behavioral support system.


Special Education Teacher 
Prospect Hill Academy, Mansfield, OH
11/2013 – Present
• Singlehandedly develop an interactive learning program based on individual students’ learning abilities, resulting in an increased positive response from the student body
• Train fellow special education teachers in using sign language with students with hearing and speech problems, which resulted in increased student confidence
• Create and implement curriculum based on the individual requirements of each student enrolled in the special needs class
• Design, develop and implement lesson plans to meet each special student’s requirements
• Assess each enrolled student to determine his or her individual capabilities and limitations
• Provide both direct and indirect instructional support to students by employing special education strategies and techniques
• Teach socially acceptable behavior by both instructing it and modeling it effectively

Special Education Teacher 
City Elementary School, Mansfield, OH
8/2008 – 11/2013
• Successfully handled adverse situation between students by acting as a mediator
• Decreased incidents of hyperactivity in students with diagnosed ADHD by introducing yoga as part of the class curriculum
• Established and implemented rules for acceptable behavior
• Ensured that the class environment is conducive to learning for all students
• Evaluated students through the implementation of non-standard testing techniques and document responses and results
• Conferred with parents to provide them with feedback regarding their children’s progress and limitations

Special Education Teacher Assistant 
Blackstone Valley Education , Mansfield, OH
2/2004 – 8/2008
• Assisted lead teachers in creating specifically targeted lesson plans for students with special needs
• Provided assistance in imparting lessons based on special education techniques approved by the school
• Enforced behavior standards and ensured that each student followed them appropriately
• Assisted students with special needs in understanding concepts individually and in groups
• Ascertained the overall safety and wellbeing of enrolled students by providing them with physical cover and emotional support

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education
Ohio State University, Mansfield, OH – 2002

• Direct Instructional Support • Learning Reinforcement
• Objectives Establishment • Crises Intervention
• Interactive Instructional Techniques • Specialized Testing
• Lesson Development • Interest Stimulation
• Individualized Education Programs • Communication Plans
• Performance Assessment • Sign Language



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