High End Server Cover Letter Sample

Updated: June 11, 2022

When you are applying for a high-end job such as that of a fine dining server, there is a little more effort required when writing a cover letter.

In places where your main focus is to serve clients or customers who have high expectations, employers also have high expectations from their employees too.

A cover letter in this case must be full of information that highlights how well you know the high-end working environment and how quickly you will be able to adjust to it.

Cover letters have never really been about work experience. While work experience is reflected in cover letters, it is done through mention of accomplishments and qualifications. If specifically asked for, you can detail your experience as well, but mostly, you won’t need to.

As far as accomplishments are concerned, whatever you have done which has had a significant effect on the company must be mentioned.

This could be an increase in sales that came about because of your efforts, or how you managed to retain an irate customer.

While writing a cover letter, focus especially on content flow. Do not jump from topic to topic, in a bid to impress the employer.

A well-structured cover letter is what an employer needs. And here is a sample:

High End Server Cover Letter Example

Felicity Ty
98 Sea Ave
Orland Park, IL 98554
(000) 555-5555
f.ty @ email . com

June 11, 2022

Mr. Trent Grim
Hiring Manager
565 Raintree Road
Orland Park, IL 65287

Dear Mr. Grim:

I am excited by the possibility of joining the Courtyard as your next High-End Server. My experience as a server in a high-end restaurant is quite extensive – having worked as one at both The Marriot and Avenue Pomelo, I believe that my professional profile as a server in a fine dining capacity is wholesome.

To further gauge how well I can represent Courtyard in a service-oriented manner, please refer to the list (not all-inclusive) of qualifications that I possess in this area:

  • Promptly relaying order information to the back-end and providing efficient follow-up.
  • Delivering food promptly and accurately, post-checking for appropriate portioning.
  • Advising guests of an appropriate combination of food and drinks, in accordance with their specific tastes.
  • Ensuring a consistently clean and sanitized dining environment for patrons, with special attention to providing quality service.

I have a lot more to offer than I can place here. To elaborate further, I will call you next week with the intention to set up a meeting time. Until then, please feel free to call me at (000) 555-5555 if you require additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Felicity Ty

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