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Updated on May 31, 2019

Resumes that depict a skilled professional’s profile must be written after much research.

The portrayal of skilled work in a weighty manner is essential because much depends on the skills of the person in question.


For instance, a packaging technician will have to provide an employer with a lot of insight into his knowledge of different materials and tools that are needed to produce packaging of various items.

The resume sample below is specifically written for a packaging technician position.

This template will help you understand how to write one for a skilled job such as this one.



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Packaging Technician Resume Example



Harry Styles
15266 Penrod Street, Detroit, MI 48912
(000) 854-1254


Extremely quality-conscious with a solid track record of generating appropriate packaging in accord with set product requirements and specifications. Highly knowledgeable of production and quality control standards. Exceptional ability to keep up with technological advances.

• Increased production of boxes by 25% by introducing advanced technology packaging equipment
• Decreased material waste by 75% by using excess and leftover materials as reinforcements on the packaging
• Wrote the bible on safety practices needed to handle machine and tool operations to meet standards
• Trained 85% of the packaging staff on board the company at the moment


Packaging Technician 
Omnicare, Detroit, MI | 2011-present

• Take order specifications to comprehend the type of packaging needed
• Analyze contents to understand the kind of material and necessary reinforcement to produce packaging
• Provide clients with proposals on the right type of packaging required and take approvals
• Procure materials such as plastic, Styrofoam, metal, wood, and fabric for package making purposes
• Sketch designs of packaging to provide clients with an idea of what to expect from the final product
• Layout dimensions of product packaging and perform cutting and adhesion activities
• Set package production machines to make boxes of specific types
• Ensure that machinery is running at optimal levels at all times
• Make sure that any hitches in equipment are immediately troubleshot and resolved
• Ensure both the quality and quantity of the end product
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on machinery and tools

Packaging Assistant
SafeCor, Detroit, MI | 2007-2011

• Referred to work orders to gauge the type of packing needed by clients
• Took orders from technicians for securing supplies for orders
• Ensured that supplies inventory was handled efficiently
• Performed maintenance and troubleshooting activities on packaging materials and tools
• Checked end haul for quality and quantity and made the corresponding reports
• Utilized mechanical aptitude aimed at running and maintaining packaging machinery and tools
• Handled packaging materials in accordance with the strengths and limitations of each
• Followed best safety practices


High School Diploma

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