Financial Aid Advisor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 30, 2021

Position Overview

Financial aid advisors represent many private services and government organizations, where their main job is to assist deserving students in obtaining financial aid from different sources. They provide advice on where to look for scholarships and grants and assist students in securing them.

The following is a list of common job duties, tasks, roles, and responsibilities of a Financial Aid Advisor.

Sample Job Description for Financial Aid Advisor Resume

• Engage students in conversation to determine their financial aid requirements.
• Provide information regarding eligibility criteria and available funding opportunities.
• Respond to questions regarding financial aid over the telephone, through emails, and in person.
• Assist students in filling out application forms and provide them with information regarding supporting documents.
• Verify students’ eligibility for funding options and provide feedback to parents and students.
• Make referrals to other student service officers if institutional eligibility criteria are not fulfilled.
• Monitor and evaluate the academic progress of students to determine the continuity of aid programs.
• Develop and conduct financial aid workshops, seminars, and outreach programs to educate students about different financial aid options.
• Resolve conflicts generated by upset students by keeping within the parameters of institutional decorum.
• Advice and counsel students to help them resolve their financial problems through one on one meetings.
• Provide loan and indebtedness counseling to students on both an individual and group basis.
• Assist in processing eligible loan applications and providing statuses to awaiting students.
• Verify and maintain profiles of all graduating students and ensure that those requiring financial aid are recorded separately.
• Gather and coordinate information from different campus departments to complete financial aid processes.

Education and Skills Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as a financial aid advisor include a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, with at least a few years of experience working in a similar position. Knowledge of federal, state, and institutional compliance in relation to financial aid is very important.

What is also important is to be able to assess each student’s standing to determine if he or she really is eligible for financial aid. Additionally, you will need to possess information about fund regulations and be able to answer complicated financial questions.

It is also crucial for financial aid advisors to be great in communications as they are often required to hold workshops and seminars to handle outreach activities. If you have stage fright, you may want to look at other avenues of work!

Working as a financial aid advisor requires that you are comfortable with technology as well, as you will have to use complex systems to aid you in presenting information to students.