Security Patrol Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 25, 2023

Preparation is key to making sure that an interview process is successful.

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To see what questions you may be asked at the interview for a security patrol officer position, refer to the set below:

Security Patrol Officer Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the first thing that you do when you begin your shift?
As a security patrol officer, it is my modus operandi to make sure that I know what has transpired during an earlier shift. Once I know this, I can plan my day ahead.

2. What duties have you performed in the role of a security patrol officer in a previous job?
While working as a security patrol officer, I have been patrolling assigned areas, performing thorough inspections, ensuring that all security checkpoints are properly in place, apprehending violators of the law, and making sure that any breaches are handled according to set protocols.

3. What skills do you think are necessary when working in this position?
I believe that one needs to be physically strong if one wants to work as a security patrol officer. In addition to this, one has to be exceptionally well-versed in handling and maintaining surveillance equipment, and possess great analytic skills, aimed at responding to problematic situations. Also, one needs to possess information on how to prevent losses and damage and apprehend and detain violators and suspects.

4. Has any untoward incident occurred while working as a security patrol officer?
Untoward incidents while I have been on duty, have been few and far apart. One that is perhaps worth mentioning is when a group of thugs decided that they could have free access to the building that I was patrolling. I saw them approaching the building through the surveillance camera and immediately thought something was amiss. Before they could enter, I had managed to get together a team of security officers to deter them.

5. How do you feel about the risks associated with this work?
Well, the risks are there, and it is all part of the job. I am not too bothered about the risks, since I keep a lookout for things on a constant basis, and make sure that all grounds are covered.

6. What are your future plans, as far as your profession is concerned?
I am aiming to head a security department soon.