Security Officer Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: May 3, 2019

One common weakness that is found in many resumes is the absence of accomplishment statements.

It is easy to write what you did under the professional experience section, but the more challenging part (which also happens to be the more important one) is often left out.


Telling the hiring manager how good you are at what you do is very important and this can only be done through accomplishments statements.

The reason many of us dread treading on the accomplishments section is that we do not quite know how to separate duties from accomplishments. This leaves us in a quandary about what to write.

Well formulated accomplishment statements have just two parts:

  1. The benefits that transpired as an outcome of your work. This includes value added to the company in a tangible and quantified manner as possible.
  2. The action that was taken by the employee which achieved these results. This also includes the steps you took and the techniques you used.


It is not too difficult to write an accomplishment statement if you follow this rule. You do not have to write the benefits first and the action later – you can pretty much interchange their position in your sentence as long as you are able to be eloquent in what you want to say.

Below is a list of resume accomplishments for a security officer that might interest you:


Sample Accomplishments for a Security Officer Resume

• Detected a security breach at the rear of an office building and promptly corrected it, thereby ensuring complete security of the building and its residents.

• Introduced scanners and metal detectors as part of the security regimen, which decreased the number of illegal arms being carried inside by 30%.

• Trained 11 groups of security officers in effective patrolling and monitoring and use of surveillance equipment.

• Restrained a trespasser who was attempting to enter a part, with explosives in his bag pack.

• Implemented a complex monitoring system which reduced theft at the shopping mall by a whopping 72%.

• Reined in a situation where an arsonist had to be apprehended, by quickly cornering him and then restraining him before he could create any damage.

• Introduced a queue system which ensured smooth traffic flow of students through cramped school hallways.

• Neutralized a particularly explosive situation between two custodial staff members by employing exceptional arbitrary competencies.

• Apprehended a criminal who was absconding from a residential building and saved a theft of jewelry worth $1m.

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