Security Patrol Officer Resume Example [+Duties]

Updated on: May 25, 2023

A security patrol officer is hired by different types of employers, including hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, and office buildings. The basic work of a security patrol officer is to make sure that the building is kept safe from both the outside and the inside, and that any nefarious activities are immediately identified and reported.

To work as a security patrol officer, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. Prior experience working as a security patrol officer may be considered a plus point when employers go through your job application documents.

To be considered eligible for this position, you have to possess great physical agility and dexterity, as you will often be facing problems that require you to use your physical brute to handle issues. In addition to this, you must be able to work in tandem with other security patrol officers, towards one goal – security of assigned areas.

In most cases, it is imperative for security patrol officers to be able to use surveillance equipment such as cameras to deter nefarious activities and to intervene appropriately. In addition to this, you must be able to drive security vehicles that may be assigned to you when you are hired.

Here is a sample resume for a security patrol officer to help you write your resume:

Security Patrol Officer Resume Example

George Mason
Bridgton, ME 
(000) 854-4152
george.mason @ email . com

“I offer a commitment to service and professionalism through appropriate conduct, vigilance, and proper demeanor at all times.”

Competent, organized, and highly confident with over 7 years of dedicated experience in providing high-profile, uniformed public safety services, including premise safety. Skilled in handling both routine and emergency calls for service, with a special focus on providing an on-time response. Effectively patrols and inspects property against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activities. Competent in monitoring entrances and exits through the use of security camera systems. Known for conforming to established procedures and solving problems. Track record of working collaboratively and supporting the efforts of team members.

✓ Surveillance ✓ Security Breach Handling
✓ Safety Inspections ✓ Professional Deterrence
✓ Patrolling ✓ Security Risk Identification
✓ Fence Checks ✓ Loss Prevention
✓ Building Security Controls ✓ Access Checks
✓ Rules Enforcement ✓ Emergency Response

• Recognized signs of nefarious activities, and apprehended the responsible person before he could do further damage.
• Implemented a loss prevention strategy, which was 50% more effective than the one already in place.
• Introduced a series of building security controls, decreasing chances of theft by 65%.
• Trained 15 patrol officers in handling surveillance and safety inspections, as part of their induction.


Security Patrol Officer
Sunstates Security, Bridgton, ME 
8/2018 – Present
• Patrol assigned areas on foot or by vehicle to determine any visible signs of security breaches
• Perform inspections to prevent or detect signs of intrusion, and performed intervention activities immediately
• Monitor building entrances physically and through surveillance equipment to ensure that all in under control
• Secure all exits such as doors and windows at the end of each shift, to ensure that no security issues are imminent
• Identify disruptions and unlawful acts by keeping a thorough check on security cameras

Patrol Officer
ABC Company, Bridgton, ME
5/2015- 8/2018
• Observed and reported violations of policies and laws, and deterred criminal activity through visual presence
• Reported safety concerns, security breaches, and unusual circumstances both verbally, and in writing.
• Investigated suspects for suspicious activities or possessions, and ensure that they were handled according to established policies
• Detain perpetrators according to legal protocols, before law enforcement authorities arrive
• Submit reports of surveillance activities on a daily basis, and ensure that they are filed properly

Patrolling Assistant
Allied Universal, Bridgton, ME
2/2014 – 5/2015
• Assisted security officers in performing inspections in and around assigned facilities.
• Identifies rules violations and ensured that security personnel were made aware of them.
• Provided support in apprehending suspects, and interviewing them to determine if they are innocent or guilty.
• Helped in checking surveillance cameras and reported any significant findings.
• Worked with security officers to detain suspects until the arrival of law enforcement officials.

High School Diploma
Bridgton High School, Bridgton, ME – 2001

• Maine State Guard Card
• Current Maine Driver’s license

“I get along with employees, follow directions perfectly, and work effectively under stress.”

Security Patrol Officer Job Description for Resume

  • Perform inspections in and around assigned buildings, to ensure that all security checks are in order.
  • Use surveillance equipment to determine if any nefarious activities are in progress, and provide required interventions.
  • Help that assigned facilities are provided with high-quality security services, aimed at protecting both property and people.
  • Patrol buildings to deter acts of vandalism and theft, and ensure that any visible signs of either are investigated further.
  • Apprehend violators of the law, and detain them until law enforcement authorities arrive.
  • Conduct routine patrols in and around assigned property to identify and deal with security risks, safety hazards, and maintenance issues.
  • Respond to alarms by assessing situations and investigating problems such as thefts and vandalism.
  • Provide feedback to managers regarding security issues and breaches, aiming to provide viable solutions.
  • Check the identification of individuals entering or exiting the premises, and ensure that any suspects are detained.
  • Write witness statements and submit them to law enforcement officials as part of a routine call.
  • Investigate suspicious packages and ensure that they are handled according to protocol.