Real Estate Secretary Resume Sample

Updated on: July 24, 2018

A real estate secretary may work in a real estate capacity, or in a legal one, depending on her or his specific placement.

But whichever arena that he or she works in, the work is more or less the same.

The primary responsibility of a person working at this position is to make sure that all administrative and clerical tasks of the office are properly handled, and that any issues which may have a significant adverse effect on a case are kept at bay.

When you are about to write a Real Estate Secretary resume, it is best if you have a sample in front of you to take ideas. Here is one to help you out:


Real Estate Secretary Resume Sample



Destiny Blaze
892 Jenny Walkway, Tacoma, WA58210
(000) 999-9999


Top-performing Real Estate Secretary with 11+ years’ extensive experience in providing secretarial and administrative support to ensure a smooth running of the office. Exceptionally talented in handling inquiries, and providing accurate information, according to protocol. Demonstrated ability to handle word processing, and typing and correspondence collating activities.

• Singlehandedly managed the closing of 3 real estate cases side by side, during a particularly busy time at work.
• Successfully closed a case, by providing the last loose end, through thorough research work.
• Implemented a core records keeping system, which proved to be 70% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Introduced a dynamic claims amending system, which took 85% less time than the one already in place.


Closing Procedures Correspondence Tier 1 Support
Research Communication Sale and Purchase Assistance
Settlement Statements Prep Files Maintenance Records Keeping
Meetings Oversight Expense Claims Handling Legal Documents Amending


Real Estate Secretary
The Property People, Tacoma, WA                  2013-present
• Handle the PABX system, answering calls, and diverting them to the right recipients.
• Create and maintain filing systems for all buying, selling, and renting activities.
• Handle correspondence, such as legal notices, letters, and memos, aimed at smoothing out the flow of communication.
• Create and amend legal documents pertaining to real estate, and maintain diary systems for fee earners.
• Receive and sort incoming mail, and ensure that it is delivered to the right people within the organization.
• Take and record minutes of meetings, and ensure that the schedule of files is properly maintained.
• Handle property search work, by performing well-placed research activities, upon instruction.
• Prepare and submit dispute resolution break notices, and handle court applications according to the law.

Real Estate Secretary
Bay Edge Real Estate, Tacoma, WA              2008-2013
• Manned the telephone exchange, transferred calls, and relayed messages.
• Opened and sorted incoming mail, ensuring that any urgent replies were managed immediately.
• Organized travel and accommodation arrangements for real estate agents, working in an intercity capacity.
• Oversaw the implementation and use of filing systems for archiving, and retrieval purposes.
• Created and maintained records of all buying and selling activities, in an accurate, and confidential fashion.

Tacoma High School, Tacoma, WA – 2007
High School Diploma


Real Estate Secretary Qualifications

To work as a secretary in a real estate capacity, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least.

If you have had some exposure to law or real estate in a professional or academic capacity, your candidature will be considered highly. It is important for people working in this position to be efficient and thorough in their work, and possess the ability to handle many tasks at the same time.

Furthermore, excellent written and verbal communication skills are required to work as a real estate secretary, as most of the work revolves around meeting with people, and ensuring that communication flow is smoothly managed.

Real Estate Secretary Job Description

• Greet clients, and witnesses as they arrive at the office, and politely inquire into their purpose of visit.
• Provide information regarding the facilities and services provided by the firm to new or prospective clients.
• Handle initial intake activities to determine clients’ backgrounds, and case details.
• Create and develop methods for filing information, following the specifics of provided instructions.
• Draft and maintain legal documents related to real estate, including contracts and affidavits.
• Create and maintain effective liaison between attorneys, real estate agents, and buyers and sellers.
• Smooth out communication flow between different parties, ensuring that no communication issues arise.
• Draft legal documents, and have them vetted by attorneys, before submitting them to courts, or county offices.
• Arrange travel and accommodation for lawyers, or real estate agents, in cases where the need to work in another city is highlighted.
• Plan and organize site visits for clients, and ensure that time management is given a priority.
• Amend legal documents according to specified instructions, and schedule files for archiving, and handle file retrieval work.

Real Estate Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

When an interview is looming on your head, the best way to counter the fear is to make sure that you prepare for it well in advance.

There are many ways in which you can do this; the easiest and most workable one is going through sample interview questions and answers– like the ones provided below:

What made you decide that you wanted to work as a real estate secretary?
I am a highly efficient individual, and the fact that my interest and expertise has always been law as it relates to real estate, working in this capacity was a natural choice.

Apart from being efficient, what qualities do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire at this position?
I am a thoroughly organized individual, who knows her work inside out. Apart from the fact that I am efficient in all things that are assigned to me, I am a great communicator, which takes care of more than half my work. Moreover, I am exceptionally talented in creating and managing legal documents as they relate to real estate, and can understand, and work with contracts and closings. In addition to this, I enjoy working in a fast paced environment, which provides deadlines on a regular basis, because I like to be challenged.

As a real estate secretary, what have been some of the duties that you have performed?
I have been actively handling office communication with clients, and third parties, by drafting letters and other documents, handling word processing duties for internal and external issues, taking and relaying messages, organizing files and records, scheduling files for archiving and retrieval, and creating and amending legal documents. In addition to this, I have been handling land registry searches and preparing dispute resolution break notices.

What is the one thing that you find difficult in this position?
My days are too full to find anything difficult consciously. There are some things that are challenging to handle though, such as irate clients, which are few and far between.

What is your greatest strength as a real estate secretary?
Owing to a couple of courses that I took before I started working as a real estate secretary, I managed to learn much about the law governing real estate. This, I believe is my strongest point.

What are your plans for the future, professionally speaking?
I am presently attending law school in the evening, and eventually, want to work as a paralegal in a real estate capacity.