Legal Billing Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 30, 2017


If you are sitting at the odd side of the interview table – that is, as an interviewee – the amount of pressure on you must be colossal. To make sure that you do not buckle under this pressure, ensure that you are prepared in advance.

The following set of interview questions and answers will provide you with some ideas on what is asked at the interview for a legal billing specialist:




Legal Billing Specialist Interview Questions and Answers


What made you decide that you wanted to work as a billing specialist in a legal capacity?
I have always been in awe of the legal system, and since billing and accounting were where I eventually found my niche, I decided to amalgamate the two interests that I have. And here I am!

What are some of the main duties that you have performed in the role of a legal billing specialist?
As a legal billing specialist, I have been involved in a lot of activities, including liaising with clients and attorneys to generate, finalize, edit and submit legal bills, resolving billing-related issues, reviewing legal invoices, verifying compliance with legal billing guidelines, and documenting adjustments made to invoices. Additionally, I have been providing budgeting, forecasting, and ad hoc client specific reporting, along with creating spreadsheets that encompass estimations of projected billings and costs for new clients and cases.

What skills do you feel are necessary to be able to work in the capacity of a legal billing specialist?
I believe that it is important to firstly know your job inside out, including all the minor intricacies that it presents. Additionally, strong attention to detail, deep knowledge of the legal billing system, and excellent communication skills are exceptionally important to possess if this is the work that you want to do.

What do you find most challenging about this job?
To be perfectly honest, working as a legal billing specialist is challenging on the whole, as you have to perform a lot activities at the same time, and need to be able to multitask continuously.

How do you handle the challenges associated with this job?
For me, no challenge means complete boredom. I like challenges, and welcome them with open arms.

Tell us of a time or incident when something you did made a significant contribution to the organization or office where you were working.
At my present place of employment, I was asked to revamp the entire legal billing system, as there were too many inaccuracies in it. I was given a timeline of 3 months, which in actuality is not sufficient time to do this. However, I managed to replace the entire billing system with a novel and more efficient one, within the provided timeline.