A personal assistant, also known as a secretary is required to maintain a balance between work and home for a busy executive. They maintain schedules and calendars and other secretarial services. A bilingual personal assistant is simple a personal assistant who can speak English and an additional language such as Spanish so as to assist executives with communication on a different regional level.

Here is a sample cover letter a Bilingual Personal Assistant Resume. It will help you writing an effective job application.


Bilingual Personal Assistant Cover Letter Example


252 W Perkins Avenue
Sandusky, OH 77222

September 9, 2015

Mr. Gregory Peck
Manager HR
625 Woodland Avenue
Sandusky, OH 66523


Dear Mr. Peck:

I am interested in the position of a Bilingual Personal Assistant at GETCO that you have advertised on your website some days ago. My command over English and Spanish combined with my excellent secretarial skills, makes me just the right candidate for this position.

My extensive experience at my previous place of work has inculcated administrative and clerical skills that are necessary to manage an executive’s work effectively. My ability to draft efficient communication in both English and Spanish in a flawless manner will go a long way to manage office operations in a smooth manner.

Additionally, my exceptional customer service skills ensure that I can communicate on a profound level with both English and Spanish customers that are the target market of GETCO. Managing hard clients and the ability to deal with confidential informational are some of the few values that make me a good choice for this position.

My resume (enclosed) will provide you with more information on my accomplishments as a Bilingual Secretary and other relevant information that should be sufficient to process my application. I will call you at the end of the month in order to inquire about the status of this application and can be contacted at (922) 900-9019 in the meantime.

Thank you for your consideration.



Kate Morgan

Enc. Resume