Pastor Resume Sample

Updated on: October 3, 2022

To be a successful candidate for Pastor positions, it helps to have a comprehensive resume that can show church employers why you’re the right one to call on.

If you’re not sure how to write a pastor’s resume for success, view the sample resume below.

Sample Resume for Pastor Position

Earl Sims
85 Harmony Hill Road
Topsham, ME 56002 
(000) 999-8998 
earlsims @ email . com


Passionate Pastor with an excellent reputation for serving as the primary face of the community and congregation. Able to work in partnership with church staff in foregoing and casting a version of the Divine Being by reaching new people and making intentional disciples. 

• Modelling and encouraging the personal and spiritual development of church members through sermons and lectures.
• Leading members to view themselves and act as ministers with a true calling.
• Strengthening and overseeing the faith life of the community by assisting members in understanding religion and its standing in the world.
• Greeting community of faith by creating a one-on-one with all members on a personal level.



July 2008 – Present
Key Achievements
• Increase church membership by 55% by planning and executing successful outreach programs.
• Grow the church’s discipleship by 65% through the efficient execution of ministry programs with members’ cooperation.
Key Responsibilities
• Develop and implement comprehensive mission programs for the church that focus on the key teachings of the Bible.
• Educate members of the church on the Biblical basis of missions and encourage their involvement through prayer and financial support.
• Develop the mission’s budget and ensure that it is properly and fairly administered.
• Coordinate and implement the church’s local community missions outreach programs.
• Enable members to find personal involvement in missions by equipping them emotionally.
• Recruit members by interviewing them to determine their suitability.
• Plan, organize, and lead international missions and trips and coordinate with missionaries.
• Handle fundraising and budget development activities.
• Deliver sermons and oversee the church’s observances of ordinances and ceremonies.

Associate Pastor
May 2001 – July 2008
Key Achievements
• Implemented a series of religious education plans that increased the interest of teenagers in Bible studies.
• Planned and executed comprehensive outreach programs to invite members from surrounding regions, resulting in massive success regarding increased membership.
Key Responsibilities
• Represented the church by serving appropriate denominational committees and community organizations.
• Assisted in establishing annual performance objectives for staff members and rated performances.
• Oversaw the management of adult worship, facility, financial and outreach missions.
• Handled announcements and prayers during regular services.
• Assisted in planning and leading religious activities and trips in coordination with church directors.

Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies
Topsham Religion School, Topsham, ME – 2009

• Outreach Planning • Spiritual Development
• Prospect Follow-up • Sermons Delivery
• Preach Planning • Worship Orders
• Religious Education Plans • Counseling