Associate Pastor Resume Example

Updated on: August 5, 2018


An associate pastor performs many duties including running the entire ministry by organizing events and producing bulletins.

Associate Pastors may work as a part-time helper or even hold charge of several ministries at the same time.

If you would like to apply for an Associate Pastor’s job, here is a resume example that may help you write a great resume.




Associate Pastor Resume Sample


Curt Russell

77 Calloway Street, Hazel, KY 77363
(900) 209-9459, Email


A determined, hardworking and competent individual with 15 years’ experience in leading, guiding, and ministering the congregation. Known for preserving and promoting church unity and establishing the church’s long-term goals and short-term programs. Proficient in managing visitation programs including undertaking training for evangelism and outreach. Proven record of multi-tasking, time management, prioritizing, and working in a team.

• Proven ability to work well with others
• Excellent integrity of work habits
• Able to discern needs and respond accordingly
• Profound ability to follow directions
• Demonstrated ability to use internet and email
• Proficient in MS Office Suite

• Promoted the mission of the Life Christian Church successfully by organizing a gala of 12 events in a year
• Provided religious counseling to fifteen convicts of the Hazel Prison successfully bringing them to the faith


Associate Pastor
LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH – Hazel, KY | Mar 2005 – Present
• Work with Senior Pastor to develop and schedule Sunday sermon topics
• Assist in development and implementation of annual ministry plan and budgets
• Oversee training materials and exercises
• Involve and equip volunteers with progressive training
• Coordinate pastoral care
• Assist in preparation of monthly ministry reports and calendars

LUTHERAN SOCIAL MINISTRIES OF NJ – Florham Park, NJ | Jan 2001 – Mar 2005
• Managed ministry bulletins and communication channels
• Preached and taught the congregation in the fulfillment of its vision
• Helped individuals and groups develop their spiritual insight
• Planned and lead festivals and special occasion services such as Christmas, Lent, and Easter
• Developed and maintained positive relations with all faith groups in the community

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies