Church Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 31, 2019

You may not be too comfortable appearing for a church administrator interview, even if you have appeared for dozens of interviews before. Unless you have prepared for the process.

Interview preparation is never difficult if you know the work. All you have to do is look through possible interview questions and answers.


Here is a set for a church administrator position:

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Church Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work as a church administrator?

I have been a member of your church for 2 years now and would like to contribute more than just a mere member. Prior to moving here, I was working as a church administrator, and I would like to replicate my accomplishments here now.

How do you feel about working in a religious establishment?

I am a religious individual, and feel honored to serve the church that I am a member of.

In your previous church administrator role, what were your responsibilities?

During the time that I worked as a church administrator at St. Paul’s Church, I was responsible for many tasks. These included:

• Ensuring the overall organization or church events and activities
• Handling church correspondence such as email, mail, and in person queries
• Providing information to church members regarding services and events
• Overseeing church events details for weddings, baptisms, funerals, and christenings
• Enrolling new members and providing them with church rules information
• Managing pastor’s calendars, and scheduling meetings and events
• Providing administrative office support, such as maintaining liaison with vendors and suppliers
• Monitoring church employees in order to ensure that they work in accordance with schedules
• Tracking church attendance and maintaining member records

In your opinion, what is the hardest part of working as a church administrator?

If you love your work, nothing is hard. I love working in this role, as it gives me a chance to contribute to the way of the Lord. I never concentrate on what’s difficult.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate your administrative skills? Why?

I would give myself an 8. I feel that even when one has had a lot of experience in an area, one always gets to learn more.

What are your future goals?

At the moment, I am concentrating on contributing to the church in an administrative capacity. I hope to eventually work in a role where I can effectively provide more valuable contributions, in both religious and administrative areas.

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