Horse Groom Job Description for Resume

Updated on: October 4, 2023

As a horse groomer, your responsibilities include providing care and grooming for horses.

This includes bathing, grooming, feeding, exercising, and maintaining their living environment. You will also assist in training sessions and monitor their health.

Strong knowledge of horse behavior, nutrition, and grooming techniques is essential. Good communication and physical stamina are required.

Horse Groom Job Description for Resume

  • Engage with horses in a positive and caring manner, taking the time to understand their individual personalities and create a comfortable environment for them.
  • Perform thorough bathing and grooming activities to ensure that horses are clean and well-maintained at all times.
  • Follow specific feeding schedules, provide horses with the necessary nutrition, and monitor their food intake. Additionally, prepare hay trays and water buckets.
  • Monitor and measure horses’ feed consumption, assessing the need for supplements to maintain their optimal health.
  • Maintain cleanliness and comfort in the stables by regularly replacing and changing bedding, and ensuring proper sanitation.
  • Safely lead horses from their stables to fields, ensuring they receive regular exercise as part of their routine.
  • Assist trainers during horse training sessions, providing support and aiding in controlling the horses.
  • Carefully clean and brush horses’ coats, ensuring their well-being and attaching saddles and bridles to ensure comfort and safety throughout rides.
  • Vigilantly observe assigned horses to spot any signs of illness or discomfort, promptly reporting and addressing any health concerns.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of vaccinations, deworming, and shoeing, ensuring proper documentation of equine care.
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Horse Groomer Qualifications for Resume

  • [Number]+ years of experience as a horse groomer or in a similar equine care role.
  • In-depth knowledge of horse anatomy, behavior, and common health issues.
  • Proficient in grooming techniques, including bathing, clipping, braiding, and show preparation.
  • Familiarity with equine nutrition, basic first aid, and administering medications and treatments.
  • Ability to handle horses of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments, maintaining safety for both the groomer and the horse.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact effectively with owners, trainers, and other equine professionals.
  • Strong physical stamina and the ability to work in various weather conditions.
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining high standards of horse care.
  • Certification in equine-related programs or courses.