How to Decline an Interview Offer via Email (With Sample)

Updated on: October 17, 2021

Withdrawing yourself from the candidate pool can seem quite cumbersome, especially if you have spent a lot of time and a great effort in applying for a job.

But some circumstances may prevail that might not let us appear for an offered interview – such as acceptance of another job.

It happens as we have applied for several jobs at the same time, accepted an offer, but called for an interview from another company.

Since rejecting the first offer does not make sense, the best thing to do is to refuse the new interview politely.

How to decline an interview offer via email?

Sending an email is the easiest way of communication, so it is best to use this means. Let’s look at some steps to do this:

1. Respond quickly

Contact the company to let them know that you will not be able to make it. In fact, it is considered unprofessional if you delay things.

2. Address your email to the interviewer

You want to leave a good impression for future contact. Therefore, find out who was going to interview you and address him or her directly in your email.

3. Be good, be polite

Write all the right stuff. Show your appreciation for being chosen for the interview. Specifically, tell the interviewer that you are pleased that you were chosen.

4. Be honest

Provide the right reason for declining the interview offer.

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Sample Email to Decline an Interview Offer

Subject: Re: Interview Offer (Marketing Manager)

Dear Mr. Mason:

Thank you for your interview offer for the Marketing Manager position, scheduled on September 30. I feel proud of the fact that you have found a good match between my qualifications and your requirements – a fact that gives me immense motivation.

However, it is with regret that I have no choice but to decline your interview offer. This is because I got a job offer from Trinity Inc. yesterday, which I have accepted, and I have to start on October 1. While working with your company was a dream for me for many years, it will be unethical for me to accept your interview offer when I have already accepted another job offer.

I would appreciate it if you would keep my resume in your record for further reference. Thank you once again for your time and consideration.


Preston Swift
(000) 258-8545

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