Sample Letter of Recommendation for Library Assistant

Updated on: September 2, 2022

What we have done professionally in the past reflects highly on what we intend to do in the future.

It is especially true if you are switching jobs and need a recommendation letter from your ex-employer.

If you have done well in your previous position, there is no doubt that you will receive a good recommendation letter, which will significantly increase your chances of a subsequent job.

Letters of recommendation for Library Assistants hold information about an employee’s personality and work ethic and how s/he has been able to apply these successfully to get the job done.

Letters of recommendation provide credibility to the fact that an employee has worked in a particular position for a specified period and has excelled in it.

The sample letter of recommendation for a library assistant below can be used as a reference to write your own.

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Library Assistant Recommendation Letter Sample

September 2, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

It is to confirm that Courtney Jenner has worked as a Library Assistant at John Hopkins University for 5 years. Since her induction as part of our library team, she has increased the readership by 50% owing to the many reading clubs that she has organized over the last two years.

As a learned individual, Courtney is comfortable with the many aspects of library work including handling library electronic reserve management systems. She is a bank of information due to her immense interest in reading herself and has proved this through the many times that she has helped university students with their projects. She introduced and implemented a full-text subscription database which has helped the university immensely with its record-keeping endeavors.

While she is pleasant and friendly, she makes sure that the environment of the library stays professional. Additionally, she remains calm and efficient even under high pressure and can accurately and quickly attend to detailed work.

I strongly recommend Courtney for a Library Assistant position as I feel that she is well equipped to handle the many challenges of this position and come out on top. I am available at the following numbers if you require any further information about her.


Sebastian Kirk
(Library Manager)
John Hopkins University
(000) 777-7777

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