Sales Director Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 8, 2015

When writing a cover letter for sales director position, just attempt to answer the question ‘why should they hire you’. In doing so, utilize and demonstrate your sales acumen to the fullest. Cover letter is important for any position but it is exceptionally crucial when applying for a position in sales. The recruiters read your letter, taking it as a sample of your convincing skills. So, make sure you put ample time and effort to write an innovative, catchy and appealing cover letter to sell your candidacy.

Just like a salesman surveys the target market, a candidate needs to conduct thorough research on the prospective employer. Study their role specific demands and then come up with a plan to demonstrate how hiring you can solve their problems. In your writing, show initiative and reflect innovation. Excite interest in the reader; your letter must motivate them to have a thorough and considerate look at your accompanying resume.

Below is a sales director cover letter sample.


Sales Director Cover Letter Sample


Alfred Gordon

210 Olive Garden • Sugar Land, TX 67583 • (004) 555–7777 • alfred @ email . com

July 8, 2015

Mr. Edward Fairfax
HR Manger
844 Northern Boulevards
Sugar Land, TX 67583


Dear Mr. Fairfax:

Sales is dependent upon the approach of the salesman.

Seeing Clement Stone’s above quotation at your website inspired me to apply for your sales director position since it is also an exact reflection of my personal ideology regarding sales.

Have a quick look at the strengths I offer:

• Remarkable ability to develop, groom and supervise sales teams while maximizing their profitability and productivity thorough implementation of modern sales tactics and introduction of meaningful incentives

• Excellent people’s skills, strong convincing power and ability to negotiate effectively

• Track record of doubling and tripling the revenues on assigned projects

• Strong presentation skills with ample knowledge of product promotion on social media and through telemarketing

My 5 years career in sales has been focused on areas of clientele development, account management, team supervision, cold calling, potential identification and strategic planning for specific product promotion. My biggest strength lies in the ability that I can work well with people who generate workable ideas. Being a born team player, I have always been able to consistently enhance and maximize sales team productivity.

I am confident that hiring me will immediately address a lot of EDGEWAVE’s current issues and you will witness a significant enhancement in your sale department’s productivity. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss the suitability of my candidacy in detail.

If you could use an accomplished sales director who guarantees sales elevation with immediate effect, call me now at (004) 555 -7777 to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alfred Gordon

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