Admissions Director Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 17, 2019

Admissions directors are marketing professionals who work in an academic setting.

They extend a school or university’s services to the community to bring in students for the institution that they are representing.

They also plan and expedite the admissions procedure by ensuring that all policies are followed and that the all admission documentation in up to date.

Admissions directors are required to hold at least a bachelors degree preferably in a business discipline.

If you are a qualified individual, you can use the services of the following cover letter sample for applying for this job.


Admissions Director Cover Letter Example


William Kirk
3019 Carter Road
Lowell, VT 93933
Cell: (999) 999-9993

January 17, 2019

Mr. Kurt Cobain
Manager Human Resources
89 Mansfield Avenue
Lowell, VT 99302


Dear Mr. Cobain:

Your Admission Director position is an exciting opportunity. EMDC’s stellar reputation for providing quality educational service is well-known, and I am motivated to join your team. I offer twelve years of experience working in the educational environment which would be a proven benefit to EDMC. This experience has been instrumental in designing and implementing strategic plans of admissions to new students.

Education is second nature to me which is why I spent my entire career life working towards providing students with ease of access to quality education. This is my prime strength in directing admission processes and marketing the educational curriculum of the establishment that I am working with.

With a keen knowledge of admission budgets and marketing plans, I can manage strategic admission plans in the blink of an eye. My people skills assist me in creating and maintaining effective relationships with other universities so that I can expedite the procedures involved and develop core action plans.

I have a strong ability to maintain the continuous flow of quality applicants and can recognize core trends effectively. I am quite delighted at this opportunity and would appreciate a chance to show what I can do for EDMC as an admissions director.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



William Kirk

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