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Updated on June 30, 2019

Job seekers often ask a common question: How important is a cover letter?

The truth is; there is no correct answer to this question.


While some recruiters believe that cover letters being an absolute waste of time – others highly regard the same and even ask for one explicitly in the job advertisement.

Since sales cover letters are essential to the majority of recruiters, it is advisable to send one as you apply for a sales assistant position.

How to Write a Sales Assistant Cover Letter?

• Give the reader a reason in your first line to continue reading
• Show a personal connection with the firm by finding something about them and reflecting it in your letter
• Relate your talents and competencies with their needs
• Proofread and ask someone else to proofread your cover letter again




Sales Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1


Hillary Carter
302 Lilly Lane, Burbank, CA 39116
(008) 666- 3333
hillary @ email . com

June 30, 2019

Mr. Jacob Alex
HR Manager
Urban Outfitters
599 Nestle Ave
Burbank, CA 39116


Dear Mr. Alex:

Throughout my 10+ years of professional experience in areas of customer service, sales, staff coordination, upselling of products, and brand crediting, I have been recognized as a person who can get the job done. I offer great enthusiasm, creativity, and high energy background in sales.

My following achievements translate the success I want to add to Urban Outfitters:

• Provided excellent customer services that led to a 20% enhancement of total clients in 6 months
• Exceeded sales targets by a right margin of 30% by adopting and implementing effective sales tactics and strategies
• Set up various successful promotional displays which were highly commended by managers
• Handled many serious customer issues effectively to reach a satisfactory level of understanding with the client
• Implemented modern display designs and product promotion strategies to launch new products and to upsell already launched ones

Besides, I am an expert in customer account handling and implementation of effective loss prevention strategies.

May I suggest a meeting to discuss my talents with you further? I will follow up on this application next Friday. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

Hillary Carter

Encl. Resume


Sales Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2
(Email Version)


Katherine Turner
333 Example Street
New York, NY 12345
(999) 999-0110

June 30, 2019

Ms. Amy Higgins
Sales Manager
ABC Hypermarket
82 E 3rd Example Street
New York, NY 12333


Dear Ms. Higgins:

As an enthusiastic sales professional with a 6-plus-year verifiable track record, I would like to be considered for the job of a Sales Assistant at ABC Hypermarket. My strong background in sales and relevant work experiences match closely with the job description you have provided in your job listing.

As you can see on my enclosed resume, I am highly skilled in introducing new products to potential customers and provide them with relevant information to ensure that they understand what a product can do for them. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to assist customers with merchandise selection. My know-how of current sales and promotions, familiarity with regulations about payments and exchanges, and awareness with security practices in the sales profession gives more weight to my job application.

Furthermore, my direct sales experience help me accurately determine customers’ needs and help them select their favorite items. Additionally, I have a proven record of boosting sales up by 22% in a single financial year – this ability will undoubtedly help me exceed your expectations.

My resume will further highlight my qualifications and experiences in the sales and promotions field. I will call you after a few days to follow up on this application and will appreciate a meeting time to discuss this position further. Alternately, I can be reached at the phone numbers and email address mentioned on my enclosed resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Katherine Turner

Attached: Resume

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