Locker Room Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 30, 2017

The last time you appeared for an interview must have taught you something useful even if you did not get the job that you were hoping to. That is how interviews are. They make you tough. Never be afraid of them as they are great teachers even if they are not always successful in getting you the job.

However, to make sure that you are as successful as possible in reaching a second interview (or even being chosen for the job at hand), you must prepare well for this procedure. Go through the company profile several times to see what they offer in terms of goods and services. Find out its reputation in the industry. Do your homework well and you can almost guarantee yourself a job.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for the position of a locker room attendant:


Locker Room Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

What made you decide to take up this line of work?
I have always been a customer service-oriented individual and when I saw an open position for a locker room attendant, I figured I could mix my love for working with people with the offered opportunity.

What makes you a great contender to work as a locker room attendant at our facility?
Apart from being service-oriented, I possess exceptional organizational skills which I believe is the core of what is needed when working at this position. Also, I have been working as a locker room attendant for 5 years now which has made it easy for me understand the intricacies of working at this position.

What have been your core duties as a locker room attendant in the past?
As a locker room attendant, I have been responsible for assigning lockers to patrons, providing them with information on the rules and regulations of the facility, ensuring that their belongings are safely kept while they are away, coordinating shoe shining and laundry services, and even assisting with gym equipment set-up and use.

What is the one thing that you look out for actively when performing your duties?
Making sure that patrons are satisfied with the type of service that is being provided to them is something that I actively look out for.

What element of working as a locker room attendant do you dislike the most?
To be honest, I do not dislike any part of working as a locker room attendant. The work is great and I get to meet so many different people which is quite a high!

If there was one thing that you could change about the way things are managed at your current place of employment, what would it be?
Most systems at my present place of work are excellently developed and run. However, there is some room for improvement in the coordination between locker room attendants and the housekeeping staff which I believe could use some looking into.