Dining Room Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: June 23, 2021

If you are applying for a Dining Room Attendant job, then put some effort into writing your resume.

Make sure that it is compellingly written to attract the recruiter.

Use the following resume sample for a dining room attendant as a reference:

Sample Resume for Dining Room Attendant Position

James Hicks
101 Pueblo Drive, Billings, MT 01272
(000) 414-5454
jameshicks @ email . com


An organized and hardworking individual with over 6 years of experience in working in the foodservice industry. Adept at performing a combination of duties to facilitate and smooth out food service within a dining establishment. 

• Laying and clearing tables with a great amount of accuracy and promptness
• Arranging furniture to make room for large groups of restaurant patrons
• Providing appropriate bussing services in a fine dining environment
• Completing daily setup procedures of the dining room by ensuring that all setup activities are performed in a time-efficient manner


Dining Room Attendant
THE PANTRY, Billings, MT
Apr 2012 – Present
Key Achievements and Contributions
• Provided support to the kitchen staff in preparing food items, reducing food prepartion time by 50%.
• Assisted in hosting a lunch for 52 patrons and received a commendation for exceptional service delivery.
Key Responsibilities
• Greet patrons and assist them in locating their choices of tables.
• Ensure that waiters/hosts are available to provide menus and take orders.
• Assist waiters in recording orders and serve welcome drinks to patrons.
• Refill drinks and water glasses and ensure that condiments are available on the table at all times.
• Assist waiters in serving orders to ensure that any incorrect order is immediately taken care of.
• Clean tables and chairs after patrons have left and ensure that clean tablecloths are immediately placed.
• Bus tables with clean flatware, dishware and glassware, and condiments.
• Serve complimentary starter baskets to patrons and make and serve coffee and other special drinks
• Arrange seats for large groups of patrons
• Bus banquet and buffet tables and serve as a point of contact for patrons
• Ensure the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant area

Kitchen Helper
LUNA, Billings, MT 
May 2009 – Apr 2012
Key Achievements and Contributions
• Reorganized the condiments inventory system, increasing efficiency in managing items by 20%.
• Conducted 3 educational seminars on food hygiene and safety at the “level of bussers” as part of a training program.
Key Responsibilities
• Ensured the cleanliness, maintenance, and hygiene of the kitchen area.
• Cleaned and sanitized surfaces and counters.
• Provided assistance in preparing food items by cutting, chopping, and marinating.
• Set kitchen equipment timers and ensured that dishes are ready for food to be poured in.
• Performed garnishing duties and ensured that proper food portioning is done.

High School Diploma

• Bussing
• Fine Dining
• Supplies Replenishment
• Restaurant Maintenance
• Banquet Set-up
• Stocking and Inventory
• Routine Cleaning
• Food Garnishing
• Food Safety and Hygiene