Dining Room Attendant Skills for Resume

Updated on: October 20, 2015


As a dining room attendant, how do you rate your skills on a scale of 1 to 10? Difficult question? Perhaps. However, by asking yourself this question, you can gauge how well you know the work. Why would you want to know? Maybe you don’t, but a prospective employer will definitely need to know what you have that you can offer to him. So a skills assessment is important.

When you write a dining room attendant resume, your skills are what are going to sell your candidature to the prospective employer. Missing out on this section may mean that you are missing out on a great opportunity. If the resume is the cake, then the skills section is the icing! Without it, you may not be able to sell yourself to a high bidder.

What does the skills section include? Everything that you have learnt about the work (for the position that you are applying) and all that was inherent in you, goes into the skills section of a resume. It is fundamentally important that you make it obvious, that there is no other person who can be deemed as a better choice for the position.

Often, writing skills becomes quite a problem. And to overcome this problem, you can refer to the list of skills for a dining room attendant below:

Dining Room Attendant Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in bussing tables by ensuring that everything is in sync to the preset rules of the restaurant
• Hands-on experience in completely periodic / daily banquet and buffet setup procedures
• Competent at cleaning up spilled food or drink and ensuring that any broken glass or plates are removed promptly
• Proficient in handling inventory duties such as stocking cabinets and serving areas with condiments
• Qualified to handle food portioning and garnishing activities to ensure menu-appropriate food items
• Special talent for maintaining adequate supplies of items such as tablecloths, silverware, glassware, trays and dishes
• Proven ability to effectively stock refrigerating units with wines, bottled beer and soft drinks
• Demonstrated ability to mix and prepare flavors for mixed drinks and stocking vending machines with food items
• Well-versed in cleaning spills and make sure that any problems with kitchen equipment or tools is looked into and resolved on an immediate basis
• Adept at handling customers’ complaints and ensuring prompt and effective resolutions to their problems
• Proficient in ensuring that food safety and hygiene standards are maintained throughout service times