Walmart Greeter Resume Sample

Updated on: June 28, 2020

Are you aspiring to work as a greeter at Walmart? Well, the first thing that you have to do is create a resume to apply for the position.

How to Write a Walmart Greeter Resume?

In a Walmart greeter resume, you must highlight the reasons that make you an excellent contender for this job, including your communication and customer service skills.

A resume gives ample opportunity to present your case to a hiring manager.

As an individual with some experience in a greeter position, you can highlight the main reasons – skills, qualifications, and experience that make you an excellent choice.

Here is a Walmart Resume sample, explicitly written for a greeter position:

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Sample Walmart Greeter Resume

Jack Nicholson
74 Dent Lane, Omaha, NE30193
(000) 965-5621


Customer service-oriented individual, with extensive experience in providing first-tier services in a retail capacity. Unmatched ability to greet customers in a positive and upbeat manner. Proficient in directing customers to their choice of aisles and products.

• Introduced a series of professional greetings, as a result, increased customer satisfaction
• Implemented an up-selling pitch, increasing revenue by 35%
• Devised an entrance security system, thereby, decreased loss by 55%
• Trained 20 greeters in handling tier-1 services, as part of their induction program


Macy’s, Omaha, NE | 2015-present
• Greet customers as they arrive at the entrance of the store
• Inquire into customers’ buying requirements
• Direct customers to their choice of products
• Hand out in-store coupons and encourage customers to use them
• Respond to requests for information in accordance with company protocols
• Alert loss prevention officers of suspicious individuals and situations
• Ensure physical security of customers as they enter the premises
• Oversee the constant cleaning and maintenance of entrance areas
• Deter/prevent thefts through maintaining a solid physical presence
• Resolve safety concerns, by providing feedback to security officers and the management

Retail Assistant
Wallgreens, Omaha, NE | 2012-2015
• Assisted customers in locating products and items
• Stocked shelves with items, in accordance with set procedures
• Cleaned and maintained shelves and visual merchandising displays
• Checked security cameras in order to determine fraudulent activities

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Omaha, NE – 2009


• Tier-1 Services
• Cart Selection Assistance
• Coupon Distribution
• Entrance Maintenance
• Loss Prevention
• Security Oversight
• Complaint Handling
• Sales Development Assistant
• Needs Identification
• Emergency Handling
• Merchandise Locating
• Stocking Assistance

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