Walmart Greeter Cover Letter Sample [How to Write]

Updated on: August 10, 2021

In order to be considered for a greeter position at Walmart, you must ensure that your cover letter is up to the mark. That means that the information provided in it must be in sync with the hiring manager’s requirements.

How to Write a Walmart Greeter Cover Letter?

Firstly, you will need to see the Walmart greeter job description. Then, you must align your skills and abilities with them, in order to present an appropriate picture of your knowledge and qualifications.

As a Walmart greeter, your main job will be greeting customers. Since you will be working on tier-1, it is imperative that you highlight your knowledge of providing the best customer service.

Also, your ability to provide customers with information regarding products must be highlighted.

At this position, you have to make a positive impact on customers, which is why you have to show them you are an excellent candidate for the position, saying that you will offer as much as you possibly can.

Cover letter for a Walmart greeter ahead!

Walmart Greeter Cover Letter Example

August 10, 2021

Mr. Robert Cusack
Human Resources Manager
7 Aurora Road
Bennington, NE 54822

Dear Mr. Cusack:

Your advertisement for a Greeter position at Walmart seems like an exciting opportunity, especially since I possess some exposure to the work in a similar capacity. Completely understanding what the work is all about, I will be an immediate and successful addition to your team of greeters. Please go through the accompanying resume for further details.

I have worked as a greeter at Macy’s for some time, which is why I understand the work completely. With my knowledge of greeting customers in a pleasant manner, and providing them with the right information regarding their choice of items and products, I will be an instant hit.

Assisting customers in selecting carts, and providing them with coupons issued by the company is another area that I am well-versed in. Also, I am competent in monitoring customer inflow, and can effectively keep my ears and eyes open for any possible fraudulent activities. Since I possess a pleasant personality, I can reach out to customers in an exceptionally communicative manner, aimed at projecting a positive image of the organization.

It would be an absolute pleasure to meet with you and provide you with more reasons to hire me as a greeter at your Walmart store. I will remain in touch. Until a meeting can be arranged, please feel free to reach me at (000) 875-1148 if needed.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Greeter position at Walmart.


Vivian Miles

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