4 Conflict Resolution Examples for Nursing Interview

Updated May 25, 2022
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One question that you may come across in a nursing interview:

How do you resolve a conflict?

The question may seem quite straightforward to many people, but the answer to it is hardly easy to provide.

As a nurse, you may come across many instances when your conflict resolution skills are checked. In such situations, you have to make sure that you resolve the issue before it turns into a crisis situation.

When asked questions about conflict resolution during a nursing interview, focus on your problem-solving skills primarily.

Think about a time when you actually did resolve problems with coworkers, managers, and even with patients and their families.

Even if the conflict is not directed towards you, you can mention a time when you mediated one.

Some questions that you may come across regarding conflict resolution during a nursing interview process are provided here, along with their answers:

Conflict Resolution Examples for Nursing Interview

1. Tell us of a time when you were part of a conflict, but came out shining.

About two months ago, a fellow nurse and I had an argument about a patient’s medical chart. I was given a completely different list than her, but both were for the same patient. My fellow nurse became a bit antsy when I insisted that mine was correct as it was given to me that very morning.

However, before this conflict could turn into something ugly, I decided to analyze the situation. Upon conferring with the nurse manager, I realized that there was an error in both prescriptions.

2. How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

Nursing is a tough job, and the chances of conflict are quite high. However, if one analyzes the situation properly, and works to determine the root cause of it all, conflict resolution is hardly an issue.

3. Can you recall a time or scenario when you were involved in a conflict with a patient?

Since nurses work with patients all the time, conflict is all in a day’s work. However, there was this one time when a patient refused to take his medication, and his family members challenged me as well.

Since the patient’s life depended on the medication, I had no choice but to ask a nurse manager to come in and help. Through reasoning, both us of managed to resolve the problem.

4. How do you handle a disagreement with a nurse manager or a doctor?

Well, there are times when I do not agree with a course of action. However, it is not my place to tell a senior that he or she is doing something incorrectly.

But if I see that the said course of action will affect the patient in an adverse manner, I do offer my two cents, in a suggestive manner of course!

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